10 Things Guys Notice About Your Apartment, According To A Guy

When you go over to a guy’s place for the first time, you probably notice whether or not his dishes are washed or if he hangs his towels up in the bathroom rather than throwing them on the floor. But what do guys notice first at your place? I asked one to find out.

Your couch

I know, right? This was the very first thing out of his mouth and my reaction was nothing less than dumbfounded. My couch? But why? “Easy,” he explained. “A couch says a lot about someone. Is it clearly old, like you took it from your parents? Is it brand new? Does it look like I can actually sit on it or is it just for show? I can tell if a girl is high maintenance just by looking at her couch. Plus, I make a mental note for the future. Does it look like a couch we can Netflix and chill on? Is this couch going to be a place I can make a move? Or is she more of a bedroom-only girl?” Consider me educated because I had no idea my couch was telling dudes this much information.

Your pictures

 But not just for the reason you think. “He isn’t just looking at the people in them,” he explained to me. Apparently, he’s also checking out your style. Are they in frames or just tacked up on the wall? “I think the way someone displays pictures of the people in their life says a lot about them. Do they have all their pictures really organized in an album or are they arranged more artfully?”

Your dishes

Not the dishes themselves, per se, but more like whether or not you’ve done your dishes. Are they sitting on the counter collecting mold and fruit flies or are they all clean and stacked neatly in your cupboards? This was his quick go-to in being able to tell if a girl valued cleanliness.

Your pets

 Are you a cat person? A dog person? Do you have a more exotic pet like a chinchilla or an iguana? Are your pets well taken care of? Is there food and water down? Do they greet you and seem chill? “Most girls want you to like their dog or cat. I know that if I’m gonna get in with her, I first gotta get in with Fluffy.”

Your bed

 According to him, if a girl has a bed with lots of frilly pillows that’s perfectly made, she may be a little more uptight than other girls. “This isn’t always true,” he tells me. “But at least I know that she’s uptight about her bed. You gotta make sure you put the pillows in the right place, and you know you probably don’t want to mess it up too much.”

Your ex’s stuff

“If you have a pair of men’s shoes by the door or a dude’s shirt hanging in your closet, we’re gonna notice,” he says. “Nothing will me scare out of a girl’s house quicker than seeing some other guy’s belongings.”

Your condoms

“I know its a double standard because I have an economy pack of condoms in my nightstand and nobody judges me for it,” he tells me, “but if I’m being honest, it’s something I notice. How many condoms does she have? What’s the expiration date on the box? How many are gone? Those thoughts are gonna go through my head.”

His stuff

“If I leave stuff at a girl’s place, I always notice what she does with it. If she makes space for me in a drawer, she probably wants to move forward in the relationship. If she puts it all in a bag to send home with me the next day, she definitely needs some space,” he says, chuckling. “With one girl I was dating for a while, I left some stuff at her place. When I came back, I couldn’t find it because she had hidden it under the bed! She said it was because her parents showed up but I was always a little skeptical.”

Your taste in beer

“I always notice what kind of beer she has in her fridge or if she has any beer at all. Is she into craft beers? IPAs? Does she only drink wine? Or is her fridge just stocked with Diet Coke? I need to know what kind of drinks are available so I know what to bring next time.”


“You know, you might be surprised what we don’t notice if we’re really into you or what we’re willing to look past.” I guess I can leave my stuffed bunny collection out, after all!

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