10 Things Happy Couples Are Tired Of Hearing

Congrats, you’ve found love! You survived all those awkward dinner dates and found someone that you actually wanted to see again a second time – and beyond. Now you’re in a committed relationship and couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, as much as you want your love to exist in a vacuum, the real world is out there, too, and that means people are going to give you their opinions and ask questions you wish they would keep to themselves. If you’re one half of a happy couple, chances are you’ve heard these things more than once from your seemingly well-meaning BFFs and family.

  1. “You two are so cute.” We are, but hearing it 24/7 can make us feel annoyed and embarrassed. Trust us, we don’t have nicknames and inside jokes because we want to be cute. We just do these things.
  2. “Thank GOD. We thought you would be alone forever.” This one is usually from both your moms or more distant relatives. Um, thanks? It’s nice to know that everyone was so sure we would never find love.
  3. “We like you so much more than the last one.” Your mom will tell your new BF this and your guy’s friends will tell you this, too. It’s one of those super sneaky insults wrapped up in a compliment, because it just reminds you that there was someone before you, and who wants to think about exes when you’re so in love?
  4. “When is he going to put a ring on it?” Every time someone asks you and your boyfriend this, you both should start singing and dancing to the Beyonce song. (No? Bad idea?) The correct answer is: whenever he wants to, probably far in the future, and you will definitely see the Facebook post. Don’t worry about it.
  5. “Your kids are going to be so adorable.” Since when did it become normal to talk to people about their future children? Isn’t our decision about when we’re going to have kids (or whether to even have them at all) totally personal? The world would be a much better place if people would just chill about the kid topic.
  6. “How did you two meet?” When is the answer NOT “on the Internet” these days? And yet we still feel the need to ask happy couples this. We hardly ever meet cute in person these days so let’s agree to stop this. If you know for a fact that you friend finds guys by swiping left or right, why make her and her BF feel awkward by asking this?
  7. “How many times a week do you see each other?” For some reason, people are endlessly fascinated by this and need all the details. Why is it anyone’s business?
  8. “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” Is there some law that happy couples need to celebrate this Hallmark holiday?
  9. “You two are so lucky.” Of course there’s a certain amount of luck that comes along with finding someone you click with, but if you’re dating online, you do have to put in some work before it can happen, so it’s not all luck. Hearing this just makes you feel kind of guilty if the person saying it has been single for ages.
  10. “Isn’t it time you moved in together?” Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But if you’re happy, it doesn’t matter what people’s expectations are. Just keep going the way you are. It’s clearly working out just fine.
Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor from Toronto, Canada. In addition to writing about dating and relationships for Bolde, she also writes about movies, TV, and video games for ScreenRant and GameRant. She has a Political Science degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Journalism from Ryerson University. You can find her on Twitter @ayatsintziras and on Instagram @aya.tsintziras.