10 Things I’d Rather Do While Everyone Else Is Getting Married And Having Kids

Being single is great. Being able to make my own decisions, do whatever I want, and find out who I am is something I can only do when I don’t have a ton of responsibilities — and yes, kids and husbands are responsibilities. I’m glad to be without both of those things right now because it means I get to do these 10 awesome things:

  1. Get out and see the world As much as I’d like to take a private plane to Cuba for a vacation, I can’t because I’m not a Kardashian. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t travel. I can explore the state I live in, go on road trips to non-expensive places or save my money and buy a ticket to Europe and backpack my way through London. For me, it’s not solely about the destination. It’s about immersing myself somewhere, anywhere, to learn more about who I am.
  2. Build A Bomb Ass Career I think the best time to kick-start your career is when you’re unencumbered by serious, life-changing responsibilities. While everyone else is planning their wedding or decorating their nurseries, I’d rather focus on my passions, quit the mundane job I have now and fully commit to doing what I love! When else am I going to have this kind of freedom without any consequences?
  3. Save Some Cash For My Future Instead of creating a savings account for my child’s education, I can create a savings account for that trip to Europe I want to take or for the new car I’ve been dying to buy. Maybe I’ll even get a house or start saving for my retirement. Just think, if I start saving $20 a month now, I’ll be ROLLING by the time I’m in my late 50s.
  4. Spend Money On Frivolous Things At the same time, I can be totally carefree with my money right now. I can save some of it and spend the rest on Michael Kors bags, expensive AF lattes, and organic oatmeal facial masks that’ll make my skin feel like a baby’s bottom. Don’t judge me. It’s not like I need to hold onto my dollars in case my husband and I want to remodel the kitchen or our baby needs a new stroller. I can make it rain.
  5. Do Absolutely Nothing & Not Feel Bad About It Unlike most mothers, I can sleep in until 2 p.m. on a Saturday, guilt-free. I can watch Netflix all day if I want or I can just sit on my couch in the dark and do nothing but scroll through Instagram all damn day. #Blessed
  6. Change My Mind I want to be able to change my mind whenever I want to and I couldn’t do that with a family. If I’m not feeling my job, I want to be able to up and quit, or maybe even pack my things up and move out of the city altogether. If I had a husband or kids, I’d have to make sure I provided them with some amount of stability and consistency.
  7. Invest My Time In Getting Super In Shape Having a family means you have to be more cautious with your money. When you’re single, you can spend your money on whatever you want, which means I can pay for a gym membership at one of those fancy facilities with a sauna and a cafeteria. I can get a personal trainer, go on hikes every Sunday morning, or even hit up daily Pilates classes. Moral of the story: I can have a summer body even when it’s not summer!
  8. Go On Actual Dates I’d rather date than be married right now. Just my opinion, but I think it’s hard to know exactly what you want until you’ve experienced your fair share of good guys and absolute jerk. I want to go out, date a plethora of guys, have one-night stands, and experience dates that only result in hilarious stories.
  9. Do Something Reckless Being single means I don’t have to worry about doing something someone else wouldn’t approve of. I can do whatever I want without feeling guilty or ashamed of my actions. Um, yes! I can get a tattoo of a bird on my neck, skydive, bungee jump, go on a girls’ trip to Vegas and strip on the blackjack table for no apparent reason… you get the picture. I’m not saying I want to do those things, but it’s nice to have the option.
  10. Figure Out Exactly Who I Am I know myself and I can get easily wrapped up in a relationship, which is why I’d rather figure out who I am before starting a serious commitment. Couples change and grow while they’re together, but I’d like to change and grow by myself first, just to make sure I like who I am before I get married and have kids. I don’t want to wake up in 20 years completely unhappy with the person I’ve turned into all because I didn’t give myself enough time to figure things out.
Jordan White is a lifestyle, sex, and relationship freelance writer with a passion for giving her audience something to laugh about. She is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and despises the heat more than anything. Living is one of her favorite hobbies.