10 Things Men Need To Stay Interested In A Woman

Too often, women make the mistake of letting the guy pursue them without doing anything to keep their interest. But it goes both ways! While you don’t necessarily need to dazzle him with lavish gifts or date ideas, it’s important to put in some effort to keep him coming back for more. If he feels as though you’re taking more than giving, he’s going to lose interest just as quickly as he slid into your DMs. Follow these steps to maintain your significant other’s interest.

  1. He Needs To Feel A Spark In Bed. Sex isn’t the only part of a relationship, but it is an important part. If he doesn’t feel satisfied by your romps, then it’s only a matter of time before he feels disinterested in the entire relationship. Having an open line of communication is key. Make sure you’re asking your partner what he likes and what can be improved upon. Try new things in the bedroom to keep things fresh and exciting. But remember that it goes both ways; he should also be putting in the effort to make sure you’re sexually satisfied, too.
  2. He Needs You To Put In Some Effort. There’s no need to get dolled up every time you see him. If he doesn’t think you look cute in sweatpants, then he may not be the guy for you. But most guys like it when their lady gets a bit dolled up for him, even if it’s only once and a while. He’ll appreciate the effort it takes for you to pick out a cute outfit and do your hair and makeup. It also goes both ways – you’ll enjoy seeing your man put some effort into his look, too.
  3. He Needs Stimulating Conversation. This should be a no-brainer! Small talk gets boring quickly, after all. If the two of you are struggling to have a meaningful conversation, then he’s not going to be motivated to spend time with you. If you’re having trouble holding a conversation, try thinking of some helpful conversation starters before you hang out. On the other hand, if your conversations have been dull from the start, you may be missing a natural connection.
  4. He Needs You To Get On With His Friends. Think of it this way: you’d have a hard time dating someone who didn’t get along with your girlfriends or have their approval. It works the same with guys. He needs to see you make an effort to get to know his friend circle and get on with them. If he sees you constantly butting heads with his pals or thinks you’re just not interested in his social circle, then he may feel as though you’re losing interest in him.
  5. He Needs You To Give Him Space. Clinginess ruins many relationships. While you may think that part of keeping him interested is always being on his radar, that’s not always the case. Make sure to give him his space so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed. They do say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. With a little space between the two of you, he’ll be more motivated to look forward to the time you get to spend together one-on-one.
  6. He Needs To See Your Goofy Side. No guy wants a girl with a stick up her butt! If you’re serious all of the time, things can get boring really quickly. It’s important to allow him to see your silly side. If the two of you can laugh together, then he’ll for sure be looking towards the next time you get to see each other.
  7. He Needs To Hear You Appreciate Him. Women aren’t the only ones who thrive on compliments! Make sure you’re vocalizing your feelings for him. Particularly, phrase things in a way so that he knows how appreciative you are of the things he does for you. Otherwise, if he feels as though you’re ungrateful or simply averse to the effort he’s putting in, he won’t want to stick around for long.
  8. He Needs To See You Have Confidence. Insecurity is a major turn-off for both women and men. If you’re constantly talking badly about yourself, he’s going to have a hard time seeing how great you are. He doesn’t want to feel as though he always needs to build you up or that you’re fishing for compliments. Confidence is sexy, so it’s an easy way to make sure he keeps his interest.
  9. He Needs To See Your Ambition. Just like confidence is sexy, so is ambition. You wouldn’t want a guy who has no future goals, whether they be short or long-term, and the same applies to guys, too. Don’t be afraid to tell him how you’re reaching for the stars – just make sure that he feels included in your plans, too.
  10. He Needs To Feel Needed. Let’s be clear – a woman does not need a man. But gender roles have long put men in the role of a provider, and as such, many men still feel a need to feel needed by their romantic partner. If he feels as though you’ve got no room in your life for him, he’ll lose interest quickly. So, make sure you let him know the important role he plays in your life and how appreciative you are to have him.

Remember – these tips don’t only apply to the early stages of dating. It’s important to continually put in the effort to keep your relationship exciting, and subsequently, to make sure your partner feels satisfied.  Think of love as a fire; if you don’t feed the flame, it will eventually die out.

Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.