10 Things You Should Never Do When He Starts To Lose Interest — You’ll Regret It

Sometimes, people just randomly lose interest in the person they’re dating. It happens all the time. When some dude starts ghosting you out of the blue or even just seems a little off, he could be over it. I get that it hurts like hell (hey, we’ve all been there!), but make sure you don’t do these things as a response:

  1. Start blowing up his phone every minute of the day Do you honestly think that texting the hell out of this guy is going to make him change his mind? Think about it. If some guy you were over started blowing up your phone, you’d probably change your number. Why should he be any different? Sending him a billion texts a day is going to scare this dude way more than you can imagine. Quit it.
  2. Get needier than ever because you don’t want to lose him The more he pulls away, the closer you need him. Does that sound a little familiar? Your natural impulse will be to draw him closer to you and try to spend more time with him. After all, if you’re serious about this guy, you could be feeling a little heartbroken right about now. Still, the needier you get, the more he’s gonna need space.
  3. Get aggressive with him and bully an answer out of him When a guy flip-flops and can’t decide whether he likes you or not, it’s absolutely infuriating. No one has the right to screw with your emotions like that. You’re right to be angry, but taking all that emotion out on the guy is gonna get you nowhere fast. Use the aggression elsewhere, like in kickboxing classes.
  4. Try to cause drama just to get his attention Spoiler: Not many guys are attracted to drama. When you’re in the midst of trying to get this dude to look twice at you again, you may act a little crazy. Causing a whole load of drama is only going to confirm to the guy that he was ‘right’ about you. Be a grownup and move on.
  5. Flirt with other guys to try to ‘win’ him back If you’re using other guys to try to make this dude jealous, you’re being childish AF. I’m sorry, but someone had to call you on it. Flirting with other guys won’t make him ‘see what he’s missing’ at all. Instead, it’ll make you seem desperate.
  6. Ask his friends WTF is going on with the guy For the love of everything, do NOT bring his friends into this! Nothing good will come of you questioning them about your soon-to-be ex. They’re on his side and always will be. Yes, they probably know everything he’s feeling right now, but there’s no way on this planet they’re about to tell you. Back off.
  7. Start obsessing over needing answers Real talk: When a guy starts to lose interest, it hurts like hell. The worst part about this whole stupid game is that the less he’s into you, the more you’ll want him to be. Try not to obsess about why this guy’s pulling away. If he doesn’t want you, he isn’t worth your time.
  8. Replay tired old conversations in your mind Are you lying in bed replaying old conversations the two of you had, looking for some deeply hidden messages in his words? Are you praying the answer will be there if you just think hard enough? Well, stop. Just stop. This level of obsession is not healthy. The more you feed it, the stronger it will get. It’s time to block that crap from your mind.
  9. Freak out like he’s the only one for you Once he’s suggested that he’s over it, this is the very last thing you need to do. Freaking out like he was the only one for you is a childish move.  If he was the so-called ‘one’, he would not be acting this way. No man who is right for you would lose interest at the drop of a hat. You deserve better.
  10. Try to figure out what you did ‘wrong’ There is a time and a place for self-reflection, but it ain’t here and it ain’t now. If he’s lost interest for noreason, that’s his loss. Sitting around trying to figure out what you did ‘wrong’ is a waste of your precious time. The likelihood is that you did nothing wrong — he just decided you weren’t the one. He’s entitled to that, at the very least. Stop blaming yourself. Accept it and move on with your life.
Charlotte is a freelance writer who's addicted to binge-watching TV, drinking far too much coffee, and writing articles.