10 Things The Right Guy Will Do To Make You Forget Your Past Heartbreaks

10 Things The Right Guy Will Do To Make You Forget Your Past Heartbreaks

When you’re with the right guy, whatever other jerks you’ve dated in the past will all be made irrelevant. It can take a lot to heal after being hurt so many times, but this is how you’ll know when you’ve found someone who can erase the heartache you’ve experienced before:

He’ll make you feel like a queen.

I’m not talking about being spoiled and given whatever you want. I mean he’ll give you love and affection that makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world. He’ll make an effort to let you know that your happiness is his happiness.

He’ll bring out your best qualities.

The right guy will make the best of you shine through. He’ll help you show off the parts of you that are kind, patient, selfless, joyful and humble. The right person won’t just be amazing for you; he’ll also make you realize how amazing YOU are.

He’ll make you feel independent.

 A truly incredible guy will never make you feel dependent on him. He’ll be there for you when you need him, but he’ll also let you be self-sufficient. You’ll feel more confident and bold when you’re with him, and although you know he’d be there in an instant for you if you asked, you’ll still know that he wants you to be your strong, daring self.

He’ll show you what true love is. 

If you didn’t know what love was before, you will when you meet him. He’ll make you feel like you’re on top of the world, like everything will be all right as long as you have him by your side. If your heart soars when you think about him, you’ll know it’s the real thing.

He’ll make you forget your past.

The right guy will take away any pain you had from previous relationships. Any pain or confusion that another man made you feel will virtually evaporate. Sometimes, it really only takes one person to undo the hurt you thought you’d never get over.

He’ll make you feel more alive.

Being with him will make you want to live your life better than ever before. He’ll show you sides of yourself you’ve never seen and make you want to try new things. Even if you never leave your town, you’ll still feel like you’re going on an adventure as long as you’re with him.

He’ll inspire you.

 A truly great guy will make you want to do better for yourself and others. You’ll feel more driven to improve everything in your life, from your career to your health. You’ll have a natural tendency to want to keep excelling, and his love is what gives you that kick. With him in your life, there are no limits.

He’ll be proud to have you.

 He isn’t afraid to show you off to the people in his life. He’ll love talking about you, detailing everything from your accomplishments to how beautiful your eyes are. He couldn’t be happier to have someone like you, and he’ll want the world to know it. A man who is really worth keeping around won’t want to keep you a secret.

He’ll be everything that you’re not.

 There’s a reason you’ll think of him as your “other half.” Whatever you lack in yourself or in your life, he’ll be there to provide it. He may not be your whole life, but he’ll make your life whole and give you something you never knew you were missing. He’ll not only be your romantic partner, but also your best friend.

He’ll make the good times amazing and the bad times tolerable.

 Life can be hard, but the right partner will make it suck way less. You should be happy when you’re with someone you love, and he should enhance everything you experience. Things may not always be perfect, but if he’s really a great guy, he’ll make sure you get through it together.

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