10 Sexy Things To Say In Bed That Will Drive Him Nuts

Getting vocal about what you want when sleeping with someone can be awkward and difficult if you don’t know where to start. But your words can be just as powerful as your touch when you two are getting down and dirty, so it’s time to speak up. Here are some sexy things to say in bed to your boyfriend (or another guy in your life!) to drive him nuts.

  1. “I need you now.” This one is simple yet effective. When you tell your partner that you can’t stand another minute without him as close to you as possible, it really gets him revved up and ready to take you to the limit. As far as sexy things to say in bed go, this is at the top of the list. An oldie but a goodie, if you will.
  2. “You really turn me on.” When you tell him how turned on you are by him, it gets him even more hyped up, and when he hears the actual words, he automatically starts thinking about your lady parts and how good they feel. Plus, sometimes vocalizing these things can have a great effect on your own experience, serving to make you even hornier and in the mood than you clearly already are.
  3. “Take me however you want.” If you give him the reigns to control what kind of encounter you’ll be having, he’ll be so enthusiastic and turned on that you trust him to do you right. You’ll both be getting off when he feels like he’s in control.
  4. “Do me.” Or, “Yes, right there!” while moaning and even screaming his name. Making noise and confirming that you’re enjoying yourself will drive him nuts with pleasure because it’s a confirmation that you too are feeling pretty damn good. Guys really get off when they know their lady is having as much fun as they are. Obviously, if you want the ultimate of sexy things to say in bed, you can replace the word “do” with a certain four-letter F-word.
  5. “Rip it.” When you’re trying to get out of your clothes and getting ready for the act, tell him to rip whatever piece of clothing you’re struggling with right off your body. This will get the testosterone flowing because he knows how much you want him and how strong he has to be to physically rip the clothes right off of you. It sounds silly, but it does actually work.
  6. “You’re so big.” Guys tend to have a complex when it comes to the size of their members. If you tell him how big he feels or how firm, he’s going to grow (and so will his ego). This is literally the sweetest thing you can ever say to a guy as well as one of the dirtiest.

More sexy things to say in bed

  1. “I’ve been so bad.” This goes hand in hand with dominant fantasies, but even without that type of exploration, your guy hearing you say how naughty you are or want to be with him will get him revved up and ready to go. This is even better to say when you’re ready to start a little role play of your choice, be it teacher/student, cop/suspect, or any other pairing of your choice. You need to be punished, right?
  2. “I want you to come on me.” When it comes to sexy things to say in bed, this one is a doozy. For some reason, guys just love coming on their partners. Whether it be on your chest, stomach, or even your face — being able to go all over you is a serious turn-on. When he thinks you’re into it too, he’s going to want to get there that much faster.
  3. “Let’s get dirty.” When you tell your partner how dirty he is or how dirty you are and want to get with him, it’s a guarantee he’ll be all in. There’s just something about this kind of intimacy that gets him going. Of course, just make sure you’re actually up to the task if you’re going to suggest this!
  4. “Do you want me to touch myself?” Asking a guy if he wants to watch you satisfy yourself is like asking a dog if they want a treat. He definitely does, and he’ll be that much hotter after watching you get yourself going for him. Not only that, but since you know exactly how your body operates and what you like, you’ll get yourself that much closer to the edge and ready for him when he takes over.
  5. “You make me so wet.” What guy wouldn’t want to hear that he’s so sexy and sensual that you’re literally overflowing with anticipation for him to touch you/be inside you? If you’re looking for sexy things to say in bed, this should be at the top of your list. This will boost his ego to no end and make him much more eager to cash in on the experience.
  6. “That feels so good.” Simple, yes, but that’s the beauty of it. Just like telling him how much he turns you on, letting him know that he’s on the right track and doing things you like will really bolster his confidence and make him feel like a million bucks. It will also make him to want to try even harder to make sure he keeps pleasing you and doing the right things, which is always nice.

Things to remember when trying to come up with sexy things to say in bed

  1. It’s not mandatory. First off, if you’re really, really not into dirty talk and the whole idea of uttering any of the above that fills you with such dread that your nether regions dry up like the Sahara, by all means, don’t do it. You don’t have to start spouting out sexy stuff while sleeping with a guy in order to make the experience enjoyable. In fact, he’ll probably be so thrilled to be getting laid that he won’t even notice the absence of conversation. Mind you, you probably don’t want to remain stark silent and turn the bedroom into some kind of morgue, but you don’t have to go all-out, is all I’m saying.
  2. Don’t force it. It’s nice to have sexy things to say in bed in your arsenal, but you also shouldn’t feel like you need to check off a certain number of them from your repertoire or find ways to slip them in even when they don’t really belong. You should never have to force dirty talk, so don’t.
  3. Have fun with it. At the end of the day, having sex with someone is meant to be an enjoyable experience. You should be able to laugh, enjoy yourself, and just relax. If any of the above suggestions don’t really vibe with your style or your partner’s, don’t say them! You might have inside jokes/situations that give you inspiration for completely different things to mutter sexily in your partner’s ear while you’re hooking up. That’s totally fine!
  4. Be true to yourself. Don’t say things that really don’t apply to you. If you don’t want him to come on your chest, please, for the love of God, don’t tell him you do. If you’re not into rough sex, don’t ask him to choke you. Don’t compromise on what you want or are comfortable with for the sake of seeming like some sexual goddess. Just be your authentic self. That will be sexy enough.

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