10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try In Bed

10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try In Bed ©iStock/ondine32

Once you figure out what you like in bed, it can be tempting to stick to it. But you have years and years of sex ahead of you, and whether it’s with the same person every time, or you like a little more variety, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to go outside your comfort zone every once in awhile. There are some things that you won’t know you love until you try them, and if you try something but it turns out to not be your thing, that’s fine too. You never have to do it again. No guy who’s worth your time will make you do anything you don’t want to do, but at least think about it before you rule it out.

  1. Talking dirty. If you’re usually not very vocal in bed, it might feel a little bit awkward at first. Start by telling him how good something feels, or telling him what you want him to do to you. Guys aren’t usually the best at picking up on subtleties, so he’ll definitely appreciate it if you speak up.
  2. Indulging in roleplaying. You don’t have to do anything super elaborate. Sometimes just a simple fantasy with an interesting power dynamic has the potential to completely lower all your inhibitions and make you feel up for anything.
  3. Taking control. There’s no reason why you have to wait around for a guy to initiate sex every time. Most guys would love to have a girl take control every once in awhile. It’s unexpected, and will make him feel like you just can’t get enough of him.
  4. Every position your body can possibly contort into. There are always the old stand-by’s like missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style, but sometimes you need a little variety. What about reverse cowgirl? Or having sex standing up against a wall? Let your imagination run wild.
  5. Telling him exactly what you want. If what he’s doing isn’t quite… doing it for you, then you should be able to give him a suggestion or two. He can’t read your mind, so being able to tell him what you want will guarantee you both enjoy sex to the fullest.
  6. Watching porn together. It doesn’t have to be the super hardcore stuff if you aren’t into that, but there’s lot of porn out there that will help you both get in the mood, and it might give you a few ideas for some new things you’d like to do together.
  7. Letting him make it all about you. Some women aren’t comfortable receiving oral sex. While that’s somewhat understandable, it needs to stop. If he wants to do it, you should be thanking your lucky stars you found a guy who is interested in your pleasure as much as he is in his. Don’t be afraid to lie back and be the center of attention for awhile. You’ll enjoy it, promise.
  8. Telling each other your fantasies. We all have fantasies, and maybe even a fetish or two. If you think yours are abnormal it can be hard to share them with someone else. But if you and your guy are comfortable together and trust each other, you should be able to talk about you what you want to do in bed. If you don’t ask, you’ll never receive, right?
  9. Showing him what you like. Men are visual creatures, and sometimes explaining what you want him to do isn’t going to cut it. So show him. That’ll get his attention.
  10. Anything you’ve never done before. Just because you’ve never done something doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it. Some things (like butt sex, for example) might not be an every day kind of activity, but how do you know you won’t like them if you don’t give it a shot?
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