10 Things That’ll Instantly Ruin The Mood During Sex

10 Things That’ll Instantly Ruin The Mood During Sex ©iStock/PeopleImages

It can take a lot of foreplay, chocolates, and rose petals to set the mood, but it only takes two seconds to ruin it. That’s why you need to be careful if you want to have a nice night of lovemaking. One wrong move could make your partner reconsider sleeping with you. In order to keep things sexy, avoid making the big mistakes that could completely ruin the mood during sex.

  1. Checking your phone. We’re all obsessed with technology, which is why it’s so hard to resist looking at our phones whenever we hear a beep. Of course, if you stop your man mid-thrust in order to check Snapchat, he’s going to assume you weren’t enjoying his moves. The mood will instantly be ruined once he realizes you find your phone more interesting than him.
  2. Pets jumping on the bed. It doesn’t matter how much you love animals, because a kitten jumping on your back in the middle of sex is a total turnoff. Your pets are like your children, so why would you want them to catch you in a compromising position? Lock your doors to keep their innocent eyes shielded.
  3. The wrong song. You don’t want to risk listening to the radio during sex. A song about break ups or murder could start playing, and then the mood would be ruined. If you want your sex life to have a soundtrack, create your own playlist to use when things get hot and heavy.
  4. The wrong movie. It’s fun to cuddle with your boyfriend under a blanket fort while watching Disney movies. Of course, once things get physical, it’s going to feel weird hearing Simba crying over his father’s death in the background. Some movies aren’t meant to be played during sex.
  5. Drinking too much. Drinking a little bit to loosen up can lead to amazing sex. However, if you go overboard, you’ll give sloppy kisses and you’ll have bad balance. That means the sex is going to be anything but enjoyable.
  6. Mentioning an ex. Avoid comparisons at all costs. It doesn’t matter if you’re telling your partner how much better they are in the bedroom than your ex was. He won’t take it as a compliment, because all he’ll be thinking of is the fact that you’re bringing up your ex when you should only be thinking of him.
  7. Criticizing your partner’s performance. It’s healthy to tell your boyfriend what you like and dislike in the bedroom, but you can do so in a respectful way. You don’t want to yell at him for using too much tongue or for being too timid. Break it to him easy, unless you want to ruin the mood.
  8. Criticizing your partner’s looks. Sex is supposed to make you feel amazing about yourself. It’s the time when you should be complimenting your man on how hot he is, not criticizing him about failing on his diet. After all, you’re the one person who’s supposed to think he’s gorgeous, no matter what he looks like.
  9. Saying the wrong name. Maybe you said your ex’s name. Maybe you said a celebrity’s name. It doesn’t matter if you actually know the person, because it’s instantly going to ruin the mood. Your partner doesn’t want you thinking about anyone other than him, especially in the middle of lovemaking.
  10. Being indecisive. If he asks you what position you want to get into, don’t tell him that you don’t know or don’t care. He’s asking you for a reason. If you seem uninterested, then he’s going to assume you aren’t excited to sleep with him. Then neither of you will have a good time.
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