10 Things To Add To Your Post Breakup Bucket List

One too many post-breakup bucket lists include items about finding a new guy, as if the whole purpose of life is about being in a relationship. So ridiculous! Instead of spending your newly single time worrying about coupling up again, why not try one of these things instead? They’ll be way more fulfilling, I promise!

  1. TRY A BOXING OR SELF DEFENSE CLASS. I took a boxing class after my last breakup and it was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. It’s also one of the single hardest things that I’ve ever done. What I did learn is that if I can get through an hour of boxing, I can get through anything. I felt strong, powerful, and badass—just what every single girl needs to feel, especially after getting her heart broken. Trust me, you’ll love it.
  2. TRY AN IMPROV CLASS OR JOIN A PUBLIC SPEAKING GROUP. Too often in our daily lives, women are talked over and talked down to. Take a class and find your voice. Be center stage and learn to become an empowered speaker. Let yourself be heard. Develop the skill of asking for what you want. Should you decide to enter into a relationship again, these communication skills will come in handy. If not, everyone could use a little help in the communication department.
  3. GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR OWN PLEASURE. Learn your own body. Find out what feels good to you and achieve your own orgasms.  Not only will this make being single more doable, it will connect you with yourself. There are plenty of resources out there, such as the OMGyes website, that teach or suggest various techniques. Who needs a partner if you can orgasm on your own, am I right?
  4. LIVE ALONE. I know this is not financially possible for everyone, but if you can make it happen, do it. It is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have. After two live-in boyfriends and one terrible roommate, living alone is my favorite thing. When you come home, there is silence. You can be naked whenever you want. Watch whatever you want. You can have whoever you want over, whenever you want. Plus, my personal favorite: you can be messy because who else is going to see it?
  5. FIND A PRACTICE YOU CAN DO DAILY. Whether journaling, meditation, having a private dance party, or taking a bubble bath, find a daily practice. Find something that will focus your attention on you. Only you. Get in touch with who you are as a woman. All of you, mind, body and soul. Block out 15 minutes to an hour of just you time. Give yourself that gift every day.
  6. LEARN TO LOVE YOUR OWN BODY. Stare at yourself for a good long time in the mirror naked. Look at yourself so long that you begin to fall in love with that muffin top a little bit. Take a dance class or pole dancing to really reconnect with the unique power of your own body. Go to the gym just feel your heart race and feel your muscles work. Reconnect and love yourself.
  7. REACH OUT TO FRIENDS YOU HAVEn’t SEEN IN A WHILE. After a serious relationship ends, you really learn how many people you have cut out of your life. Often you become consumed with your partner and people just tend to fall away. It’s not intentional, it just happens. Reach out to them. Reconnect. Find out what you have been missing.
  8. JOIN A MEETUP GROUP. Try new things. Meet new people. There are a ton of meetup groups out there. Discover people who also are aspiring poets. Learn to paint alongside a group of other amateurs. You could meet your next best friend sitting at a coffee shop discussing a book you read. Meetups are a great way to give structure to the awkward task of making friends as an adult.
  9. BE A WINGWOMAN. Go out with your friends and while enjoying your singledom, help one of your girls out. Sure, you are totally loving your single status, but maybe your friend is over hers. That’s fine, help a sister out.
  10. HANGOUT WITH A COUPLE. Whether it is a couple who has been married for a long time or people who have a solid long-term relationship. Listen to their stories and advice. Sometimes being around couples is difficult for us single ladies. However, we can learn a lot from these couples. You may learn what you would like your future relationship to be or not be. You can also learn to just be happy for people who have found love.
Jessica Blake is a 5th grade teacher by day and writer at night. She is navigating the world one day at a time.