10 Things That Are Way More Fulfilling On Your Own

10 Things That Are Way More Fulfilling On Your Own iStock/javi_andy

Some things are best done in groups, but there are plenty of times it’s better to go it alone. Lots of people think that these activities are more fun when you’re with at least one other person, but the reality is you can have a blast doing them all by yourself.

  1. Going to see a guilty pleasure movie Think about it: no judgments, no whining, no one eating all your popcorn or your Twizzlers. To be honest, going to the movies is more fun by yourself no matter what film you see. It doesn’t even have to be a guilty pleasure flick. Treat yourself to a solo movie and see how much more enjoyable it is. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, either — no one’s looking at you in the theater and wondering why you’re by yourself.
  2. Traveling to a new place When you travel with someone else, your luggage is primarily composed of compromise. That’s all you have room for, because you know you have to give and take during the entire trip. The other person’s desires always get in the way of yours, and you end up doing a lot of junk that doesn’t interest you in the slightest. On your own, you have the freedom to explore whatever you like. You follow no one’s itinerary but your own.
  3. Touring a museum Whether art museums or science centers are your weakness, you probably know what it’s like to go with someone who isn’t at all into the experience. Dragging around an unwilling participant, endlessly explaining instead of just absorbing, and forcing yourself to leave before you’re ready – do you honestly want to go with someone else?
  4. Binge-watching a show I’ll fight you on this one. I love binge-watching shows with my wife, but I also hate it because she asks so many questions. Why did she kiss him? Why did he hide that? What does that mean? I don’t know, let’s see what happens together. Binge-watching with someone else also means that your TV-watching schedule is irrevocably tied to theirs, and if you watch ahead, you’re basically cheating. Solo, please.
  5. Eating a pizza Some people might call it greedy or gluttonous but those people are wrong. Always eat a pizza by yourself if you have the option. You get the toppings you want, the size that’s just right for you, and you can have hand-tossed or thick crust — whatever you want. You don’t even have to fight over who gets the last slice.
  6. Working out A friend can motivate you, but sometimes the competition is more stressful than helpful. A partner can motivate you too, but again, the competition is a killer. Work out on your own, and you set the pace, choose the exercises, and focus on your goals. Better still, you don’t have a gym buddy instructing you how to do something you’ve done a thousand times before. Of course, random gym bros will probably take care of that.
  7. Visiting the bookstore or library A trip to a bookstore makes a great date, but honestly, save it for a self-date night. You know what happens during a bookshop stop with another person? You end up helping them find something, or they insist on picking out something for you, and instead of finding an empty chair and losing yourself in a new novel, you have to leave before your date gets antsy. Boo.
  8. Home improvements Sure, it might take you longer. It’s possible you’ll end up spending four hours watching tutorial videos just to figure out how to replace your kitchen faucet, but so what? You learn a new skill when you take the DIY approach, you don’t have anyone judging your every move, and you don’t have to deal with the insufferable advice of any so-called experts.
  9. Learning something new Couples’ classes are cute, and many of them are pretty fun, too. Still, learning a new skill by yourself is ten times better. You’re not competing with anyone but yourself. You’re not driven to impress somebody else, and no one’s driven to impress you. You can actually focus on what you’re learning, so you get more out of the experience.
  10. Sex I just call it like I see it. You know your spots. You know what drives you mad. If you have to vary your pace, speed up, or slow down, you know exactly how much and where to touch. Pressure, friction, angle – that’s all you. Sex with someone else is tons of fun, but a solo romp is just the bee’s knees.
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