10 Things You Can Say To Make Your Guy Melt

Verbal assurance is just as important as actions are in a happy, loving relationship. If you want to really communicate to your partner just how much you care for him, make sure you’re telling him these things.

“I love your ______.”

The phrase “I love you” means a lot but it’s a bit vague. Isolating specific things you like or love about your partner can make him feel particularly adored. Compliments about his body or appearance will show him that you still find him sexy and revealing your appreciation for his “invisible” traits like his sense of humor or intelligence reminds him that your love is more than skin deep.

“I believe in you.” 

A lot of men feel like they have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and tough tasks can feel like a huge burden when they have to do them alone. Simply reminding him that you’re on his side can give him the confidence he needs to make it through his greatest challenges with his sanity intact. After all, if the person he loves thinks he can do it, what could possibly stand in his way?

“I support you no matter what.”

No, you shouldn’t offer unconditional support to your partner if he’s thinking about robbing a bank. But when it comes to tough life decisions like deciding whether or not to quit his toxic job, knowing that you’re in his corner can give him a lot of relief. There are times when he’ll need your encouragement (or dissent) to make the right choice, but sometimes he just wants to know that you’ll back him up no matter what decision he makes.

“Let’s go there.”

Adventure is out there and knowing that you’d love to journey out there with him can be super exciting. Traveling with your partner is one of the best ways to bond, and whether you two have chronic wanderlust or merely have your sights set on a specific vacation destination, letting him know that you want to see more of the world with him can communicate how much you really love him.

“Remember when…?”

Reminiscing on old memories can be just as romantic as creating new ones. When you’re building a life together, it can mean a lot to your partner to know that you’re looking back on everything you’ve done together and reflecting on how much those moments meant to you. We don’t always realize how much certain memories might have impacted another person until they fondly bring them up to us.

“I’m sorry.”

Admitting fault, even to someone you love, is hard. If you hurt your partner or really were in the wrong during an argument, being able to admit that you were the one who messed up is a big deal. Beyond that, your partner will appreciate that you were able to sacrifice your own pride to ensure that you’re both able to function as a team rather than enemies once again.

“I forgive you.”

What a relief it is to know that the person you love is no longer hating your guts. It’s true that some actions or words really aren’t forgivable, but after minor (or even major) arguments, these three words can melt his heart. If your anger or resentment toward him really has passed, let him know.

“I’ll handle it.”

One of the greatest acts of love is to take stress off your partner’s plate. If he’s feeling overwhelmed with things he has to do, offer to take something on yourself. Knowing that you’re willing to make his life easier by making a few phone calls or running some errands for him can make him fall in love with you all over again. Taking the initiative to tell him you’re going to knock these items off his to-do list means he doesn’t have to feel like a burden asking you to do him a favor. Plus, as an added bonus, he might be inclined to return the gesture on a day you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed.

“I appreciate you.”

Chances are you both do a lot both for yourselves and each other. Life can get overwhelming, and when we feel like our employers, friends, or even family members are taking our efforts for granted, it can mean that much more when a partner lets you know that they see the hard work you’re putting into the relationship. Telling your guy that you notice his efforts and appreciate them is a simple action that has a powerful impact on his self-esteem and motivation.

“I’m here for you.”

We get very few opportunities in life to openly break down and be vulnerable. Your guy might feel extra pressure to stay strong and act unbothered even during stressful or heartbreaking times, and he may feel like he has no one to turn to that he’d trust to openly express his feelings. By stepping up and reminding him that you can be that person for him, you’re reminding him what love truly is. The knowledge that he can bare his soul to you can be seriously comforting in a mostly unforgiving world.

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