Opinion: If You’re In Your 30s, You’re Too Old For These 10 Things

Opinion: If You’re In Your 30s, You’re Too Old For These 10 Things ©iStock/m-gucci

After muddling through college and years of self-discovery in your 20s, turning 30 is like graduating into a decade of new life and the ultimate confidence. As well as gaining wisdom and self-esteem, you also have to start acting more adult in a lot of ways, and there are some things you’re just too old to do once you’ve hit your 30s.

  1. You’re too old to have roommates. Unless you live in a major metropolis or the only other option is living in a refrigerator box, you’re really too old to have roommates in your 30s. By the time you’ve been a full-fledged adult for an entire decade, you should have your own grown up bachelorette pad.
  2. If you have posters on your walls, they should at least be framed. You’re (hopefully) not living in your old bedroom at your parents’ house or in a college dorm room anymore. By the time you’re over 30, you should’ve updated your décor to something more grown up.
  3. You’re too old to have a “crush.” By the time you’re in your 30s, you should be able to acknowledge what a “crush” really is. It means you have feelings, and that’s what they’re called in adult land.
  4. You’re way too old to wear miniskirts that show your ass. It’s not so much a “rule” as it is a guideline to having a little dignity. You don’t need to start dressing like a grandma or anything, but it’s classier to leave something to the imagination.
  5. You’re too old to date anyone in their teens. Even if they’re technically legal, it’s creepy. If they’re in their early 20s, it’s debatable based upon maturity, but there can be downfalls when it comes to dating younger guys, especially if you have time-bound family goals.
  6. You’re too old to eat out for every meal. In the last 10 years, you should have gained at least some basic cooking skills and started experimenting with different tastes. Anything you cook at home is going to be healthier and less expensive than eating out.
  7. You’re too old to work dead end jobs with no career goal in mind. It’s fine if you’re working whatever job pays the bills while you build up to your professional dreams, but there’s a problem if you’re flipping burgers and have no aspirations of doing anything else with your life. It’s all about having goals and having the drive to achieve them.
  8. You’re too old to go to college parties without feeling at least a little awkward. When you’re in your 30s, you always think you feel exactly like you did in your 20s… until you actually hang out with people in their 20s. Then, your true age hits you like a ton of bricks. Oh, yeah, I am 30.
  9. You’re too old to keep hanging out with fake friends/frenemies. By the time you’ve reached the big 3-0, you should have figured out who your real friends are and also figured out that they’re the only ones who are really worth your time. Lose the fake friends and frenemies; they’re not doing you any good.
  10. You’re too old to put on a fake personality to impress others. One of the biggest and most important things we do in our 20s is discovering who we really are and learning to love ourselves, and it’s a shame to put on a fake personality once you’ve accepted yourself for who you are. If someone doesn’t like your real personality, they’re not worth dealing with.
Anna Martin Yonk is a freelance writer and blogger in sunny North Carolina. She loves hanging out with her goofy husband and two rescue dogs and can be found at the beach with a drink in hand whenever possible. You can find her on Instagram @mrsyonkdogmom or on her Facebook page.