10 Thoughtful Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

When it comes to romance, most guys think that flowers will make a girl’s heart melt. It’s the perfect way to say “I’m thinking of you” or “I’m sorry” and the easiest way to show her you care about her. But flowers aren’t the only way to make a woman smile, and in fact, they’re kinda played out. Next time, instead of this typical cliché display of affection, guys should try one of these thoughtful gifts instead:

Surprise her with her favorite treat. OK, yes, it’s pretty basic — but so are flowers, aren’t they? If you pick up her favorite treat or hot beverage on your way home from work, it shows her you’re thinking of her the same way flowers do. It could be something so simple, like a chocolate bar from the gas station when you’re filling up your tank. The point is that you wanted to make her happy.

A surprise concert or movie. Whether it’s a movie, concert ticket, or a trip to the art gallery, the only thing better than staring at a vase on the table is staring at a musician sing while he strums his guitar, or snuggling up while watching the latest blockbuster at the theater.

A card. Cards aren’t just for holidays, and you’d be surprised how much women actually so appreciate a sweet and thoughtful card for no reason. Just remember to actually sign your name in it. Don’t be lazy.

A home-cooked dinner. A man’s cooking is always welcomed, even if he can’t do it all that well. She’ll appreciate the little efforts that are made, and you’ll get bonus points for attempting to recreate her favorite dish.

Getting her car washed or serviced. When a man takes his girlfriend’s car for a wash or fills it with gas, it comes across as not just thoughtful, but protective, as well. Taking care of the small details she normally wouldn’t expect you to do makes her life easier, and that’s all she’ll really care about in the end.

Scavenger hunts. I’m not sure what it is about this idea, but it totally works and I’m not sure why more men don’t do it. It’s so easy to pull off. All you need is post-it notes. She comes home, and little notes are left all around the house, leading her to the prize at the end. (Hint — you’re the prize if you do this.)

Massages. I don’t think this one really needs an explanation — because really, who doesn’t love massages?

A framed photo of a great memory together. Women are very sentimental by nature, and like I said before, things she doesn’t expect you to do will stand out in her mind. She expects a man to buy her flowers and she expects to be the one to put the vacation pictures of you two together around the house so when you take this initiative it not only happily surprises her, it shows her which memories you cherish with her, as well.

Surprise lunch visits at work. Assuming she’s not in meetings all day, popping by her office to whisk her away for a meal will be a welcomed surprise. There’s no better way to break up a grueling work day than to spend time with the person you care about.

Words from your mouth. Some men can only express themselves with gifts and gestures, and that’s OK, but sometimes just hearing how much you appreciate and care about her is all she really needs. It doesn’t cost a penny and she’ll smile about it for days on end afterwards, if not forever. Women are pretty easy to please when it comes down to it — we just want to feel loved and cared for. The great thing about words is they never die, and sadly, flowers do.

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