10 Times You Should Listen To Your Gut

Some decisions require a lot of thinking before you reach a conclusion. Do you listen to your head or your heart, or maybe both? Whatever choices you make and whatever your reasons for making them, there are certain times when you just need to go with your gut:

Deciding whether or not to get back together with an ex.

When you’re debating whether or not you should give it another go, you should listen to your gut, not your heart. Sadly, sometimes love doesn’t conquer all, and the decision lies with what’s going to make you happy in the long run.

Figuring out if you should go back to school.

College isn’t for everyone, but you’re the only person that knows if it’s for you. Can you handle the coursework? Will you make time to study? You can try to push yourself to the admirable answer, but in the end your gut knows the truth.

Considering speaking up at work.

When to give your input and state your opinion can be tricky, especially in the workplace. If you think about it too hard, the moment slips away, and you can be left with the regret of saying nothing. Let your gut guide you and a promotion may be coming your way.

Determining if you’ve been sexually harassed/assaulted.

If you feel uncomfortable about a situation, there’s probably a reason for that. Sexual harassment goes unreported too often because the victim wasn’t confident enough to say anything. Listen to your gut and speak up — you never know how many other women you might be helping in the process.

Figuring out if you need help.

If you’re wondering if you should ask for help, the answer is right there in your gut. Whether you have too much on your plate or you’re depressed and need medication, the best way to get help is to ask.

Knowing if you’re in danger.

The feeling you get when you think you might be in danger shouldn’t be ignored. This is the biggest instance of “better safe than sorry.” Listen to your intuition and get yourself out of that situation any way you can.

Figuring out if you should be concerned about your health.

You should be the first person to notice if something unusual is happening in your body. Listen to your body and seek help from a trained professional, and you may just save your own life.

Choosing a career.

No one else can choose your path for you. Whether you’re picking a major, thinking about quitting your current job, or debating on going in a different direction altogether, your gut will signify if you can be happy with your choice.

Deciding whether or not to break up.

Just thinking about breaking up with your man is a pretty big sign that you’re unhappy in your relationship. Don’t let the fear of being alone hold you back. Your gut is telling you that you need out, and you won’t be happy until you listen.

Knowing if you need to stop talking.

Let’s be honest — sometimes you just need to STFU. Your words, thoughts, and opinions may not be helping. Running your mouth at an inappropriate time does nothing but make you look bad, so if you get the feeling your words are unwanted, trust your gut and let it go.

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