10 Times Tinder Won’t Let You Down

10 Times Tinder Won’t Let You Down ©iStock/filadendron

Tinder gets a bad rap. It’s ruining the dating game, killing romance, making us more detached, etc. That’s not wrong, but we still use it. That being said, if you go into the app knowing full well what to expect, you really can’t be disappointed. Here are 10 times Tinder will be exactly what you want, need and expect:

  1. When you just want sex, locally, from someone who wants the same thing. This is Tinder’s basic function right? Find someone nearby who wants to get down. Done and done. (Just be safe, OK? Sex on demand might come with diseases and nobody wants that.)
  2. When you run across an ex’s profile and he got really fat/lost his hair, etc. You’ll instantly feel better about yourself as you go to swipe left, knowing that so many other women are doing that to your ex-ratbag, too. As guys continue to swipe right for you, you can feel super sexy knowing you got rid of him at the right time.
  3. When you need a date to an event stat, and you want a guaranteed hook-up afterwards. That wedding you forgot about, the one you don’t want to go to at all but certainly don’t want to go alone? Yeah, you should use Tinder for that! Find a hot guy, tell him it’s open bar, and you’ll be guaranteed a date, as well as a hook-up later on.
  4. When you’re traveling and want someone to entertain you. Traveling for work can be a major bummer sometimes, especially if you have to do it alone. Luckily, Tinder can be there for you to find someone to hang out with who won’t want to follow you back to wherever home is (at least he shouldn’t want to if he’s using Tinder correctly).
  5. When you need a really, really good laugh. If you haven’t noticed, Tinder is hysterical. People’s photos, and profiles are really funny and can give you a good laugh if you’re feeling down. So keep swiping and smiling!
  6. When you’re newly single and need some rebounds. Breakups blow, especially the whole “lack of consistent sex” part. Tinder is here to save the day! If you’re the kind of girl who moves on from exes through rebounds, then Tinder won’t let you down.
  7. When you’ve been single forever and need some new material. If you’ve been single forever and have been cycling through the same guys because it’s comfortable, it might be time to broaden your repertoire and find some new material. Tinder can be awesome for that.
  8. When you’re drunk with the girls and need an activity. Nothing’s better that getting a little drunk at brunch and breaking out the Tinder. Group swipes are funny, tell you a lot about your girls, and will provide hours of entertainment. Just don’t accidently swipe right on anyone’s ex… whoops!
  9. When you haven’t gotten laid in forever. This is a given. Sometimes a girl just needs to get some, and there’s no shame in that. Be safe and smart about, obviously, but get after it.
  10. When one of the girls needs to get laid or you’ll all kill her. We all have that one friend who’s been single for a while, isn’t over her ex, and hasn’t had sex in a million years. She whines that the rest of you are getting some and she isn’t. Well, Tinder is here to stop the whining and start the fornicating!
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314