10 Types Of Friends Every Woman Needs In Her Life

You might think that you don’t need many friends in your life to be happy, but having good, supportive people around you is so important for y0ur mental and emotional health. Good friends add light to your life when all you can see is darkness and they will be there for you when it’s needed the most. Here are some of the kinds of pals every woman needs in life.

  1. Someone who builds you up instead of bringing you down I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of seeing competition between women when there is no need for it. If your friend is constantly making rude comments to or about you, whether it’s intended as a joke or not, they simply aren’t worth keeping around. It’s likely they put you down because they are jealous. A good friend will support your decisions, and they certainly won’t talk about you behind your back.
  2. Someone who isn’t afraid to give you their honest opinion While you wouldn’t like it if your friends said something rude to you, it’s also important that they can be honest with you when it really matters. Find yourself a friend who is willing to cheer you on from the sidelines but is also able to speak up when you do something wrong.
  3. Someone who you can talk to about your mental health There are some people who you might not feel comfortable talking to about your mental health, but your close friends should be there for you when you are struggling no matter what. If they immediately change the subject or disregard your feelings, then you need to let that friendship go. It’s as simple as that.
  4. Someone who messages you first It can be incredibly disheartening when you’re always the one messaging your friends first to make plans. Friendships never survive when it’s one way—they should be putting in equal effort. If they always rely on you to organize plans, then I’m sorry to tell you that they simply don’t value you as a friend. Just remember that you deserve better.
  5. Someone who is always themselves around you It’s exhausting being around someone who always seems like they’re holding something back. If you can’t be comfortable around them, then what’s the point of having them in your life? To put it simply, you should be able to talk to a friend about anything and they should be able to do the same.
  6. Someone who isn’t weird about making plans There are some friends who will always wait for you to make a plan to meet up and even when you finally organize something, they will make excuses as to why they can’t go. Then there are friends who like to make spontaneous plans and they would never bail on you unless there was an emergency. That’s the friend who you need to keep around.
  7. Someone who knows you really well How many of your friends really know you? They might know your favorite film or your favorite band, but do they know what your biggest fear is? Do they know about your insecurities? Do they message you pictures of their dog when they know you are having a bad day? It’s nice to have a friend who really understands you. They’re the type of friend who would never leave you if you were going through a rough time. They simply know you.
  8. Someone who compliments you It’s great to have a friend who pays you compliments instead of keeping quiet. Who needs a friend who scrolls past your photos without leaving a like or a comment? Who needs a friend who doesn’t tell you that you looked beautiful when you wore your new dress? Obviously, the foundation of a good friendship isn’t about giving and receiving compliments all of the time, but it is a pretty good way of showing your love and support.
  9. Someone who talks about you as much as they talk about themselves There’s nothing more irritating than talking to someone who never changes the topic, especially when the topic is me, me, me. You can make allowances for someone who is going through a hard time and needs to offload, but if they’re constantly making everything about themselves then you probably can’t rely on them being there for you. Those kinds of people are so focused on themselves, that they can’t see anyone else around them. You should only keep a friend in your life if they take the time to ask about you.
  10. Someone who doesn’t get tired of talking to you Do you ever feel like some of your friends get bored of talking to you? Perhaps they often ignore your messages or go days at a time without replying. That can feel really disheartening and it might make you doubt how important you are to other people. No friend should make you question your self-worth. Find yourself a friend who can keep a conversation going and doesn’t make you second guess your friendship.






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