10 Ways 30 Is The New, Way Better 20

If you’re one of those people who freak out about getting older, stop — it’s seriously not all that bad. Sure, now you’ve got adult responsibilities and serious stuff to deal with, but so what? After all, 30 is the new 20 — just without all of the BS of the previous decade.

  1. You’re older and wiser but still have plenty of time. While some 30-somethings might be married with kids and high-level careers, it’s OK if you’re not one of them. You’re smart enough now not to make the same old mistakes, but you’ve still got enough time to lay down some roots.
  2. You know your way around the dating game. Nothing about dating is any different when you’re closer to 30 than it was when you were closer to 20 — there’s just as much BS and heartbreak out there. The big improvement is that now you know better and can avoid making stupid mistakes.
  3. You’re comfortable in our own skin. Women in their 30s are just coming into our prime, and it’s an amazing feeling. At 20, you were probably still super insecure about your appearance, but by now, you’re not only comfortable in your own skin, but you start to actually feel good about yourself.
  4. Brunch is still a must. When you were 20, you brunched because you were hungover or still drunk, and it was probably at Denny’s because you were broke. Now, you still brunch, but at much tastier and classier places, and generally in a more sober state.
  5. You’ve pared your social group down to your real friends. When you were 20, your friends were everything. That’s still the case now, but your group is a bit smaller and way more solid than it was back then. You know you can truly count on them for anything, and that’s an amazing feeling.
  6. You’re a master in the art of the casual hook-up. If you’re the type of woman who enjoys an occasional one-night stand, your 30s are the perfect decade to do it. You know how to enjoy things for what they are rather than catching feelings over a purely sexual connection, and it feels good (in more ways than one).
  7. You’re that much closer to finding Mr. Right. If you haven’t already found him, Mr. Right could be just around the corner. You’ve been putting yourself out there for a decade or more by now, so he can’t be far off now, right?
  8. You know who you are, inside and out. You’re still learning and changing every day, but one thing’s for sure: you know who you are and you won’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It feels good to be secure in yourself — it makes you feel like you can conquer the world (and maybe you can).
  9. You seriously don’t give AF what anyone else thinks. It was harder to brush off criticism and negativity from others when you were in your 20s, but now that you’ve been there, done that, you truly don’t give a damn. If other people don’t like you or what you do or say, screw ’em.
  10. You’re fearless. You were fearless as a kid, but that was in a reckless, ignorance is bliss kinda way. These days, you’re cautious and thoughtful about your actions, but you’re not afraid of what lies ahead, because you’re sure it’s going to be pretty amazing.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314