10 Ways Exercising Made Me A Better Partner

I recently underwent a lifestyle change and started working out a lot more. I expected the usual health benefits like increased fitness and better overall well-being, but I didn’t know that it would have such a positive impact on my relationship! Here are 10 ways things have gotten even more amazing between us since I got active.

  1. Endorphins mean more good times and fewer fights. It’s simple biology: exercising releases endorphins in your brain, triggering a positive response. This means that I’m in a good mood more of the time, which means I’m spending less time getting mad over petty things! A happy me sets the tone for a happy relationship.
  2. I’m more encouraging. Believe me, nothing teaches you about failure like struggling up a monster of a sand dune on a hundred-degree day. Overcoming failures in my exercise routine has taught me a lot about getting up and trying again, no matter how bad you feel. This lets me be a better support to my partner when times get tough: I remind him to stay strong and keep going, no matter how hard it is.
  3. I’m more attuned to my partner’s needs. I switch up my exercise routine a lot, and sometimes I literally feel like an 80-year-old woman the day after a new workout! Tending to my sore muscles makes me more sensitive to when my partner’s tired or has had a rough day at work. Recognizing my own physical pain makes me more compassionate and giving.
  4. I’ve made more friends, so I’m less dependent on him. Something about sweating together bonds people like nothing else—I’ve had countless moments where I’ve looked over at someone dying during the last killer crunch set, and suddenly, we’re best buds! Expanding my circle means that I have more people to hang out with, connect with and rely on, so I don’t have to depend on my partner to fulfill all my needs. It also means I spend less time with him, so the time we do spend together is doubly special.
  5. I’m more open to adventure. I can definitely be a little risk-averse, and sometimes my dating life falls into a predictably boring rhythm. Exercising has opened me up to a huge new variety of activities, from rock-climbing to pole dancing—no more boring treadmill! I’ve started to love trying new things, and that makes me more adventurous in my relationship. From trying a new raw restaurant to going bungee jumping together, I’m always pushing us to share new experiences, which brings us closer and keeps the fire going in our relationship.
  6. I’ve learned to work through obstacles. I’m pretty ambitious, and oftentimes my body can’t keep up with my workout goals. I’ve learned to approach challenges by being kind to myself and re-strategizing if something isn’t working, and I apply the same principles to my relationship. No matter what we’re fighting about or what hurdle we’re facing, I remember that we’re in this together, a little kindness and smart problem-solving goes a long way.
  7. I focus on eating healthier, which helps both of us. There’s no way I can go for a run and come back and eat three cheeseburgers—my body craves fresh, healthy food! I’ve definitely started cooking more and feeding my body whole, nutritious food. Not only does this make me happier and healthier, it also rubs off on my partner! We’re both sick less often, have more energy, and are able to spend more time enjoying each other.
  8. I demand more from him. You should never go into a relationship trying to change someone, but I firmly believe that a good relationship will push you to be your best self. Now that I’m making so many positive changes in my life, I expect the same from him! Growth isn’t easy, but I support him every step of the way and he actually appreciates that I nudge him to find his own personal evolution, whether it’s in terms of health, career, or just being a better person.
  9. I feel more confident with my body. I know my partner thinks I’m hot, but sometimes it’s hard to see it myself. But exercising means that I’m attuned to every muscle in my body, and I’m constantly amazed at what my body can accomplish! I’ve started to appreciate my body a lot more, and I’m more willing to share it. And you know what that means: more sexy times! Being more comfortable with intimacy brings us closer together and strengthens our relationship.
  10. I see the big picture. Exercising has, weirdly enough, made me somewhat of a philosopher. I’ve learned about struggles, insecurity, and fighting for a life worth living. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore (pun intended!). Instead, I focus on what’s really important: health, contentment, and relationships—and that means I can put 100% into my relationship without stressing over things that don’t matter.


Devani is a biology student with a deep love and no talent for spoken word poetry. She enjoys singing in the shower, lychee boba, and hopes to one day develop enough coordination to look cool in da club.