10 Ways Having Faith In God Eases My Concern About Love

10 Ways Having Faith In God Eases My Concern About Love ©iStock/SrdjanPav

Dating, love, and relationships can come with so much pressure. If I’m all on my own, leaving my higher power in the dust, I’m oozing stress and constantly worrying. This makes it quite hard to slow down enough to enjoy the process. On the other hand, when I remember to bring God into my life, I’m much more relaxed about love. Leaning on my higher power, I have faith that He’s doing the work for me. I don’t have to worry so much because faith really does make a fine pillow.

  1. I trust the unfolding of my love life. The way things happen almost never make sense to me. I meet a guy who I’m completely sure is the one, then just weeks later the whole relationship falls apart. Of course, I’m devastated, then all of a sudden a new flame pops up and it makes sense to me why it didn’t work out with the last person. Even though it’s not always how I’d choose things to unfold, I trust that each experience is moving me towards something greater.
  2. There are no missed opportunities.  When I remember that I’m trusting God, I don’t freak out so much about missing chances. I really lean into the whole idea that “if it’ll be, it’ll be.” So, I don’t panic when the thought occurs to me that I just accidentally swiped left on my future wife. Instead, I take a deep breath and know that if I was meant to be with her, God will make us bump into each other at a coffee shop.
  3. The pressure is off. When I’m not trusting my higher power, I’m constantly scheming, trying to figure out how to make what I desire happen. It’s pretty exhausting tbh because I’m scanning everywhere I go to try to find “the one.” Instead, though, when I’m really putting my faith in God, I can chill the heck out wherever I am knowing that all I have to do is live my life. In doing so, I can let God do His handiwork.
  4. There’s no rush. Look—I’m not saying that I’m totally perfect at trusting God all of the time. That’d be nice but it’s not realistic. However, I am saying that in those beautiful moments that I can turn the reins over to Him, my breathing slows. My heart rate drops and my shoulders fall a bit. Stress leaves my body, reminding me that there’s no rush when it comes to love. When I trust that he’s got someone lined up for me, I can really relax into my life.
  5. I can trust my gut. When I’ve slowed down enough to let God in, I’m connected to my gut instincts. The lovely thing about that connection is that my higher power lives in my gut. I also like to call this link my God-conscience. It’s kind of like a compass that’ll never lead me astray. This is absolutely invaluable in dating because I don’t have to overthink and worry so much. I just get to quiet my mind and turn my attention to how my tummy is feeling. It always leads me in the right direction if I’m willing to listen.
  6. My worth comes from an unwavering source. It’s so easy to desperately despair about not being good enough. I’m too fat, my skin isn’t clear enough, my hair is weird, and I’m not pretty enough. You name it, I’ve obsessed about it. When I’ve gotten tired of going down the rabbit hole in my mind, though, I turn my attention to God. I’m then reminded that my worth as a human isn’t dependent on any of those silly things I’m fretting about. My worth comes from a higher power because I’m a divine child of God. That well never runs dry.
  7. I believe that I’m so worthy of love. Because I’m a child of God, I have self-confidence and a sense that I’m deserving of care. My feeling of worth leads me to believe that cute guy when he tells me I’m an amazing woman. Since I know I’m worthy of love, I can open my heart to those who know how to give me that love I deserve. Before, when I didn’t believe that God loved me, I also thought that I wasn’t deserving of care from humans. That’s all changed now.
  8. My bar is raised for who I let in my life. I used to bat my eyelashes and open my heart to anyone who’d tell me I was pretty. I’d be quick to jump into bed with them and wonder why I was left as a despairing mess, all alone. Now I have a sense that I deserve nothing but the best. I’ve raised my bar way up, letting the jerks fall away and watching all the people worth my time come pouring in. Once I’m in the stream of God’s will, I attract people I would never have thought would be interested in me.
  9. No mistake is unforgivable. When I’m off in the world and I’ve left God at home, I’m quick to agonize over all that I’ve done wrong. Like, “OMG I shouldn’t have said that thing” and “why did I respond to that text?” All of a sudden I’m in this big scary world where everything seems like a big deal. On the other hand, when I let my higher power carry me through the day, there isn’t anything I can do that’s completely unforgivable. Rather, there’s always another chance for me.
  10. “Failed” relationships are shaping me into something greater. It’s easy to freak out when a relationship ends. If I’m in it without God, I’m brooding over all that should have gone differently. I’m worrying about how I’ve failed and how I’m never going to find another person again. Well, God reminds me that He has more in store for my future. Each time a relationship “fails,” I learn something. I grow as a person and as a partner. Not to mention, I run to God when my heart is shattered. Then, he takes me and continues to mold me into who I’m meant to be.
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