10 Ways Your Life Improves When You Find And Embrace Your Inner Bitch

Finding your inner bitch can be a huge step in asserting your own power and finding your most badass self. Not only will it make the world a better place, but it’ll make your life so much more fulfilling.

You save so much time.

If you want something, embrace your inner bitch. Go for it with everything you’ve got. Instead of sitting back, being polite and asking permission to be the badass you know you are, why not just cut to the chase and go for it? You’ll be shocked by how quickly you get what you want when you stop caring about everyone else’s opinion.

You realize that your opinions actually matter…a lot.

If you’ve ever been talked over in a meeting or ignored entirely by all those office bros, it’s time you owned your own value and stopped putting up with being sidelined. What you have to say matters. Speak louder. Master the “if looks could kill” look. Slam your fist on the table if you have to. Don’t let anyone silence you because your voice matters. More often than not, your opinion will be far better received and needed than the opinions of the people who talked over you.

You realize that making everyone happy is impossible and not your responsibility.

Wanting to make everyone happy is a toxic frame of mind and will make you miserable. It’s impossible, but more importantly, it’s not your responsibility. Focus on yourself. Happiness is contagious—if you focus on making yourself happy, other people will have no choice but to feel a little brighter as well.

People finally give you the respect you deserve.

It’s a simple fact of human nature that the more assertive and confident you are, the more people will be impressed by you. Not only is confidence sexy as hell, it’s also extremely noticeable and attractive in the workplace and daily life. Allow people to see your inner dragon lady, and own it. It might just win you a promotion.

You finally give yourself the respect you deserve.

Confidence is the best kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. The more confident you are, the more you’ll realize how much you have to be confident about. Even if you have to fake your confidence at first, you’ll soon start to notice all the things that make you the beautiful, strong, unique woman that you are, and your level of self-assurance and assertiveness will skyrocket.

Players and toxic dudes don’t know how to handle you.

One of the single greatest joys of becoming an honest to goodness badass is that you will intimidate guys who don’t deserve you. All the guys who would be the absolute worst boyfriends tend to run and hide when they see women who know their worth and don’t take crap from anyone. Sounds too good to be true, right? But the more confident you are, the less likely you are to date a jerk—it’s that simple.

All the right guys can’t resist you.

Conveniently, once you really own your own strength, all the good guys who honestly seem to be nonexistent these days will come out of the woodwork and be absolutely infatuated with you, just as the awful guys who would make terrible boyfriends run away. Strong is sexy. Being a confident woman is a huge turn on for the real men out there and absolutely terrifies the boys and posers.

People realize how smart you are. 

If you’ve ever been told that you’re “a lot smarter than you look,” you probably know that sexism is alive and well. But the amazing thing about getting a little bitchy is that appearance suddenly doesn’t matter. When you start stating your opinions openly and with confidence, people are forced to recognize your snappy wit and intelligence, and your looks are no longer the first thing they’re impressed by.

You totally own the single life.

 If you’re tired of guys walking up to you and assuming you’re free game because you don’t have a date, don’t be polite, tell them to f-off. Being polite is overrated, especially where guys are concerned. If talking isn’t your thing, give them a bone-chilling glare that makes them sink through the floor. That’s fun too. Embrace the single life with open arms and be unapologetic about it. When your friends start telling you how amazing their relationships are, tell them how amazing your single life is. Maybe you’ll convert a few of them.

You finally focus on the important stuff and ignore everything else.

There’s a lot of really irrelevant BS out there that society tells you that you should care about. Hair, for example, and whether or not you’re engaged by your 30th birthday. If these are things that you genuinely care about, that’s wonderful, but if you couldn’t care less about split ends or engagement rings, let me tell you that that’s just fine too. In fact, not only is it fine, but it’s worth proclaiming with great pride. Focus on what matters to you and don’t hold back from talking about it. Be unapologetic. Be loud. Be passionate. Be a bitch. The world will be a better place. And chances are, you’ll inspire other women to follow suit.

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