10 Ways to Lose a Good Woman Without Even Realizing It

So, you got yourself a good woman. If you’re not treating her the way she deserves to be treated, you could be at risk for losing her before you even realize it. Guys often think they can just slack in a relationship and not give their woman enough attention. This is far from the truth, and if you’re doing the following ten things, you may want to rethink how you’re treating your woman before you lose her.

  1. Breaking Her Trust. Think about it – When is the last time you broke her trust? Whether you lied about being sick so you could watch the game with the guys or whether you were trying to get close to another girl, or whether it was something small or something big, you keep up this pattern, and she will lead you to the door and say, “see ya!”
  2. You Don’t Deserve Her. You know good and well if you deserve her or not. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t even be with her. If you’re going to play games and if you don’t have the capability to be the type of guy this good woman needs, you need to man up and let her know. She deserves a genuine guy who will be there to pick her up when she is down, someone to bring her flowers “just because” and someone to make her laugh. If that doesn’t sound like you, just be honest and tell her she deserves someone better. Save her the heartache.
  3. You Stop Doing Little Things. Good woman are independent but they still enjoy the little things that their man do for them. By doing things for your woman, it lets them know you sincerely care and you want to try and make them happy. If you used to do little things, such as send her cute text messages or even offer your help, and all of a sudden you stop, you’re going to make her feel unwanted and she will find a guy who will step up to the plate.
  4. You Don’t Even Try to Get to Know Her. Sure, you know her somewhat. But do you know her favorite color or her favorite song? If you’re not sure what makes her smile or haven’t even tried to bother to ask her questions, she’s going to think you honestly don’t care. Girls dig guys who want to get to know them on a deeper level.
  5. You Never Listen When She’s Talking. This is a huge one. When she talks, even if it’s about something unrelated to you, show interest and show her you care by responding and even offering some advice if that’s what she needs from you. Put down the video games and your cell phone and listen to her 100 percent. If your woman feels ignored, you best step up your game or another man will.
  6. You Don’t Allow Her To Feel Safe. Independent and strong women know how to deal with their own battles; however, whenever possible you should step up and make her feel safe. It’s not just about keeping her physically safe but also emotionally safe. Make her feel that she doesn’t have to second guess your faithfulness and genuineness.
  7. She Knows When a Kiss Just Means You Want Sex. Don’t make your woman feel like you only want to get in bed with her. Women are smart and they know the difference between a real kiss and a kiss that means you just want to get laid. Appreciate her and let sex come naturally.
  8. You Don’t Bother To Make Her Laugh Anymore. Ask yourself when the last time you made her laugh was. If you want your woman to stick around, you have to make her laugh. Taking the time to make her laugh, shows how much you’re into her.
  9. You No Longer Give Her Attention. An independent and strong woman doesn’t need a guy’s attention to thrive. However, sometimes it’s nice for any woman to receive attention from a guy they’re into. Giving your woman positive attention lets her know she is loved and appreciated.
  10. You’re Never Up For Adventure. Most girls love adventure. They like the thrill and the idea of getting out and doing something new, rather than staying in all the time. Movies get boring after a while. Excite your woman with different, fun adventures to make her want to stick around.
Heather Burdo is a freelance writer from New York. She enjoys writing about relationships, parenting, and health topics. Visit her at www.heatherburdo.com