10 Ways To Make Him Think About You When You’re Not Around

To repeat a cliche, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. This means that the more you miss someone, the more you love and appreciate having them around. When the guy you love (or even just like) isn’t texting or calling you, your mind naturally turns to them. You wonder what he’s doing, who he’s with, and if he’s thinking of you. If he truly loves and cherishes you, you’ll always be on his mind, but it doesn’t hurt to remind him now and then, does it?

  1. Send a teasing message for when he wakes up. If you’re in an actual relationship and really feel like you can trust him, send him a suggestive message or picture that he’ll receive when he wakes up. Try to send it before he’s awake. This way, it will be the first thing he sees and he’ll probably think about it all day (or until the next time he sees you). If you guys live together, send it to him as soon as you part. You can send a message praising him for what he did last night or tell him you can’t wait for him to get home.
  2. Leave him a note. A great way to get your guy to think about you when you’re not around is to leave a note for him to find. Leave it anywhere you think it will be spotted right away, like on his car dashboard, under his door, or even in his lunch. This is easy to do if you’re the one who packs it, but it can also work if you surprise him at work by dropping it off.
  3. Pop up unexpectedly. Be spontaneous and pop up on him out of the blue. Just be careful you don’t do it at an inappropriate time, like during a busy day at work. Since he isn’t expecting it, he’ll certainly think about it when you’re gone. It can be something as simple as stopping by to surprise him with lunch or go to his house on a lonely night. Make sure you bring your A-game and dress to impress.
  4. Wear a signature fragrance. Find a sexy, seductive perfume to make your signature fragrance. Don’t be afraid to splurge on something expensive. These tend to stand out more and leave behind their scent. When wearing it, make sure you embrace him so he gets a nice, long sniff. Try to leave it behind by wearing his stuff, laying in his bed, or whatever you can think of to make his surroundings smell like you. When you’re gone, he’ll smell it and remember you.
  5. Use suggestive and flirty emojis. You know the ones we’re talking about. Anything from a winky face to an eggplant emoji adds a little razzle-dazzle to your messages. You can also use gifs if you feel like they’ll get your point across a little better. A gif can say a thousand words, and there are literally millions to choose from.
  6. Remind him of a shared memory. Send him a picture or spark a conversation about a positive memory you have together. This will make him nostalgic and he’ll start to reflect on that memory and other good ones he shares with you. This will also help him to remember how much he appreciates the time you’ve spent together.
  7. Spoil him to make him feel special. Your guy deserves to feel special too, so you should spoil him as much as you want him to spoil you. This will help restore confidence in the relationship and make him feel like he matters too. Spoiling him doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can spoil him with something simple like breakfast in bed or taking his car to the car wash.
  8. Listen to him patiently. The problem in many relationships is that men don’t feel like they have a safe space to be open and honest in their relationship. Make it a priority to listen to everything he has to say, and ask relevant questions to let him know you’re interested. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions either. The next time he has something to get off his chest, you’ll be the first person that comes to mind.
  9. Make him wait. If the relationship is new, it’s important that you don’t give away everything at once. Make him wait and pique his curiosity. Be mysterious and let him ask and crave more. This way, there will be much left to desire and he’ll constantly think about what’s next in the relationship.
  10. Go AWOL for a while. Go off the grid for a while and force him to miss you. Don’t reply right away and don’t rush to return his calls. Do you and the things you love so he knows that you’re quite fine by yourself. The less of you he has, the more of you he’ll want. Make him demand your time, don’t give it to him just because you like him. When he has you, he’ll appreciate the time more.
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