10 Ways To Weed Out Guys Who Aren’t Worth Your Time On Dating Apps

Finding the right guy for you on a dating app can feel like a minefield. It’s not always apparent what someone’s true intentions are until you really get to know them, and that takes time. But nobody wants to waste their time on someone whose true colors are absolutely horrifying – you have better things to do. That’s why you should look out for these red flags when swiping through profiles to weed toxic guys out before you ever go anywhere near them.

  1. He has a very vague profile bio. Sometimes the biggest red flag is when there are none. If you come across a profile that contains just a few words or a general life quote, that’s probably not going to lead anywhere. He may be a good person, but the conversation is unlikely to flow. You’ll probably find yourself carrying the conversation until you’re too tired to continue. You should probably save yourself the effort and pass.
  2. He gives specific requirements for a future girlfriend. There’s nothing worse than a condescending guy who has unrealistic expectations of what a woman should be – and trust me, there will be tons of them on dating apps. Something to look out for is a bio that lists the requirements that need to be met, e.g. blonde hair, curvy, 5’4″, knows how to cook. Needless to say, he isn’t worth your time.
  3. He mentions he has just got out of a relationship. This statement should send you running for the hills if you’re only looking for a serious relationship. Sure, he might not be on the rebound, but mentioning it in the bio tells you that he isn’t over his ex. After all, why would he feel the need to announce it? Talking to this guy will most likely be a waste of time.
  4. He gives a sob story in his bio. Everyone has a sob story, but announcing it in his dating app bio is a huge red flag. That’s something that should be spoken about only as you get to know someone better. Announcing it to everyone that browses the dating app shows that he is probably struggling and just looking for someone to vent to. If being a shoulder to cry on is what you’re looking for, that’s fine. If it’s not, it’s best to give this one a miss.
  5. He refers to his exes as crazy. No one should be mentioning their past relationships in their dating bio. It’s a huge turn-off. But to make the situation worse, if he blames his past relationship failures on a crazy ex, run! He’s either in denial about his own flaws or he’s the type of person who never takes responsibility for anything. Either way, he’s not worth your time.
  6. There are a lot of spelling and grammar errors. Although it might sound a bit over the top to pick apart someone’s dating profile down to their spelling and grammar, it can help you weed out the guys who have no potential. Of course, one or two typos or errors aren’t a huge problem, especially if the rest of his profile looks good. But if he has a ton of spelling and grammar errors and his overall profile looks a bit off, it’s better to pass on him. He could be a careless and lazy person who wouldn’t put any effort in.
  7. He mentions his height in his bio. Your height shouldn’t be an achievement, so why do some guys feel the need to brag? Perhaps it’s because they believe that attraction solely revolves around appearance and someone’s height. Or maybe they can’t think of any other features or qualities that are worth mentioning. Either way, it’s usually not a good sign.
  8. His bio reveals very little about himself. When you’re looking through hundreds of dating profiles at a time, it’s important that his bio stands out. While you don’t expect to hear his life story, you do expect to find out some of his main qualities and interests. If he doesn’t mention any of his hobbies or even what his job title is, that’s a clear sign to swipe right. He’s either too lazy or he’s trying to hide something.
  9. He has a very cliché quote in his bio. There’s nothing exciting or unique about a person who used an overused phrase in their dating profile. He could have tried to put in a little bit more effort to think of something interesting or engaging, but no, he opted for something that has been said a thousand times before. You might not realize it, but that often tells you a lot about a person. If he can’t put any effort into a dating profile, then he’s unlikely to put any effort into a conversation.
  10. He asks you to message him on an alternative app. This is a huge red flag that is seen frequently on dating apps. He’ll ask you to add him on Snapchat or message on another social media platform. This immediately gives off the wrong impression for several reasons. Firstly, he’s expecting you to go out of your way to message him. Secondly, what’s the issue with communicating on the dating app? It just seems oddly suspicious. This guy is probably up to no good.
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