108-Year-Old Woman Says Champagne Is The Secret To A Long Life

We all want to live long, happy, healthy lives, but how to do it is anyone’s guess. Many who make it to the ripe old age of 90 or even 100 cite staying away from men, having a pint, or even just good luck. As for 108-year-old Dorothy Flowers, she thinks having a long life is all down to enjoying a nice glass of champagne every now and then.

  1. Dorothy turned 108 earlier this month. She was born on October 22, 1911, which is crazy to think about. To celebrate this monumental event, she was sent a whopping 654 birthday cards wishing her good health for an even longer life!
  2. Champagne does a body good. According to Helene Ballinger, manager at the Southlands Care Home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in England, Dorothy enjoys the finer things in life like following horse racing, eating chocolate, and yes, a glass of bubbly. “Dorothy loves company, so she’ll sit with us at the reception desk each day,” she told Yahoo News. “She’s such a regular that she’s got her own drawer, which we keep full of chocolate buttons. Her real secret for longevity though has to be champagne. It’s the only thing we ever see her finish a glass of. Needless to say, we’ve been toasting her birthday.”
  3. While Dorothy is no longer able to speak, she still celebrated her momentous occasion. Her niece, Judith Barrett, loves her aunt so much that she moved to Harrogate so that she could visit her regularly. Judith says that despite being unable to vocalize her feelings about getting older, she knows her aunt loves it, especially all the cards she received from well-wishers around the world. “It’s the small gestures that can make a big difference. We never dreamt that my aunt would receive so many cards,” Judith explained. “While she’s not able to speak anymore, the smile on her face said it all. It was a wonderful surprise and has helped make her day so special. While she’s very independent, she’s always been happiest when surrounded by others, and the cards have made her feel very loved.
  4. We could all only hope to be so lucky. I can’t imagine even getting to 80, let alone 108! To have witnessed the world expanding and changing so much throughout her life must have been an amazing experience, and one that not everyone is fortunate enough to have. Who knows, maybe we should all have a glass of champagne to increase our chances!
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