11 Amazing Date Ideas You Need To Try

There’s only so many Zoom dates you can have before frustration kicks in because you’d rather be hanging out with your partner or that new love interest face to face. I know it’s hard right now, but you can draw comfort and inspiration from planning amazing dates you can go on once it’s okay to go outside and socialize once again.

  1. Fulfill your bucket list. Have your partner write a list of things they’ve dreamed of doing and write yours too. Pick some of the things in each other’s lists that are easily achievable and spend the day doing them. Celebrate making it out of the pandemic alive by living out your fantasies.
  2. Go to a trampoline park. The quarantine has everyone feeling older than they really are. Why not let go of all the worries and stress you’ve been holding in during this period by bouncing your heart out at a trampoline park? Child-like fun is the best fun. Playing around will help you relive your happiest moments and bring out sides of you that you didn’t know you had.
  3. Hop in a car and drive somewhere new. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of looking out my balcony or windows and seeing the same things. I can’t wait to hit the road, enjoy different scenery, and breathe in air I don’t instantly recognize. You don’t even have to go very far. Just make it out of your part of town and discover new sights.
  4. Crash a party. Put on some fancy clothes and trawl your neighborhoods for an event to crash. It could be a wedding in the park, a group happy hour at a nearby bar. Pretend you know someone, jump right into the conversations and fun, and see how long it takes for someone to figure out that you guys don’t belong there.
  5. Go shopping together. Give each other an occasion to shop for like something to wear to a party or clothes for work. Set a budget and play stylist for each other. It’ll be fun to learn who has the better fashion taste or how well your styles go together. Buy one outfit for each other that you absolutely have to wear on your next date.
  6. Hit up the farmers market. If you and your partner love fresh produce and cooking, then going to the farmers market together is a fantastic date idea. You can discover fresh fruits and vegetables you haven’t tried and buy your favorite ones at a much lower price than at the supermarket. Chat with vendors and enjoy a game of “spot the stoned aging hippie”. When it’s over, cook dinner together with the ingredients you bought.
  7. Take music or dance lessons. Research shows that working together to learn a new skill can actually help tighten the bonds that people share. Whether you’ve been dating for a while or you just got together, give it a whirl. Find a music or dance class and learn the steps to a new dance or how to play a new instrument. Carve out time during the week to practice your new moves together.
  8. Make your own silly Olympics. Pick two or three things you both like or equally hate then compete against each other. It could be something as simple as playing your favorite games to a pizza or ice cream eating contest, and figuring out who is the better roller skater. You’re going to have so many laughs or discover that your partner turns into “The Hulk’ when playing competitive games.
  9. Hit the open water. Who says you can only have fun on land? Get in shape and have an amazing time with your sweetie engaged in water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, or snorkeling. You can even enjoy a simple boat ride or find a boat booze cruise and party like there’s no tomorrow.
  10. Go wine tasting or take a brewery tour. Take in the lovely vineyard scenery while learning about how different wines are made and trying them out. If you or your partner belong to the beer-loving crowd then book a tour at a brewery near you. Alternatively, you can DIY it by getting a dozen different bottles of wine or beer, pour a little into cups, and see if you and your partner can guess which is which.
  11. Plan a mini-trip. Pick a quirky or cool destination that is within driving distance from both your homes and head there. It could be a flea market, a trendy restaurant, or a new bookstore. The drive will give you a chance to relax and just discuss what’s going on in your lives. There’s just something about the road and being in a car that makes it easier to have conversations.
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