11 Basic But Amazing Things About Fall, Regardless Of The Haters

Fall is finally here, so all of us basic bitches can finally rejoice. The leaves are changing colors, the daylight hours are getting shorter, and life is good. Regardless of what the haters say, here are some of the best things about autumn, and anyone who disagrees can STFU.

  1. Pumpkin spice everything Whether you’re into pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin donuts, or any other of the crazy pumpkin spice products out there, live your best life! This is the one time of year that you can indulge in pumpkin spice glory, so don’t let anyone steal your joy.
  2. Apple cider donuts These are best fresh from the farmers’ market on a Saturday morning. Slightly cinnamon-y and rolled in lots of delicious sugar, they’re even tastier when they’re still warm and go really well with a steaming cup of hot apple cider. Who cares if they don’t really taste like apple? They’re delicious and autumnal and that’s all that matters.
  3. Halloween candy I mean, everything about Halloween is awesome, including the ability to watch Hocus Pocus approximately 16 times a week on network TV, but the candy is the best here. Sure, you can grab bite-sized candy bars any time of year, but the Halloween-themed and sized bags of all of your favorite goodies are in full effect right now, and it’s time you pack on some winter padding by eating a few (dozen) bags of them. Butterfinger, anyone?
  4. Going pumpkin picking Whether this means taking a trip out of town or hitting up a local place, there’s nothing quite like pumpkin picking on a brisk autumn day to really make you feel in the seasonal spirit. While it sounds lame in theory—how exciting can picking up a pumpkin in a field and plopping it down on a scale before taking it back home to rot in your living room be?—it’s one of those quintessential fall activities that you need to hit up if possible.
  5. Uggs Say what you will, but Uggs are the ultimate jam. They’re available in like a dozen different colors (the plain camel ones are probably the best, though), they keep your feet warm AF which is a godsend if you tend to feel the cold, and they’re incredibly comfortable. Are they ugly? Eh, that’s up for discussion. What’s not is how great they are, so deal with it.
  6. Wearing oversized hoodies Doesn’t need much explanation really. There’s simply nothing better than slipping into your favorite oversized hoodie on a chilly day and feeling all warm and cozy in it. Even better if this is paired with one of the above items—maybe wear your hoodie while walking through the greenmarket and eating apple cider donuts? Get creative, girl!
  7. Baking all weekend Yeah, you can bake in summer, but who even wants to turn on the oven when it’s like 150 billion degrees out. Now that the weather is a less hell-like temperature, crank that baby to 350F and pop in some baked goods. Cookies, cakes, breads, you name it—weekend baking is your new baby.
  8. Hayrides Haunted or normal, take your pick. Riding around on a stack of scratchy hay while some cranky farmer tugs you around an open field or through a forest is an autumn rite of passage, and one that should continue forever.
  9. Burning Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles Sorry not sorry, but BBW candles are the best ones out there. They come in the greatest variety of flavors and actually make your whole house smell good AF for hours. There’s nothing like busting out the Marshmallow Fireside or Crisp Autumn Morning 3-wicks when the temp drops. Ugh, I need to light mine now.
  10. Good TV shows coming back Most of the good TV shows have been on hiatus all summer, but now that we’re nearing the end of September, they’re all coming back with new episodes. When it’s chilly outside at night, pop on that oversized hoodie, turn on the TV, and live your fall bliss.
  11. No more sweating every time you leave the house This is potentially the best item on the list. The fact that you can actually take a shower before leaving the house, knowing you’ll still be clean instead of full of five gallons of sweat by the time you make it to work is a miracle on earth.
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