11 Best Places To Kiss A Woman That’ll Drive Her Crazy

Nothing feels better within the existence of intimacy than getting those butterflies caused by a physical touch that is just right. Kissing is one of the most fundamental ways to express affection, and when done correctly, it can be mind-blowingly good. Here are some of the best places to kiss a woman to turn her on and drive her crazy.

  1. Neck As a well-known erogenous zone, a woman’s neck is the most basic area to kiss if you want to turn her on. If you want to tease her, start light. Brush your lips along her neck. A top-rated area of her neck to focus on is nearing the nape, below and behind her ear. But don’t be afraid to wander. Once you’re all-in, start using your tongue and teeth and watch things get real hot, real quick.
  2. Along her spine This is one of the best places to kiss a woman without a doubt. You know how being blindfolded can be a turn-on for some people? This is because the inability to see or predict what your partner is going to do to you is a thrill. Similarly, when you kiss her along her spine, the anonymity of being beyond her window of vision will surely excite her. Our backs are highly sensitive since we don’t touch them often ourselves. Since it’s out of our sight and out of our reach, it’s a vulnerable area as well, making it a very intimate spot for you to touch with your lips.
  3. Hands Giving a woman a kiss on the hands is a well-renowned gesture of a true gentleman. However, it doesn’t always have to be performed as formally as you see it in the movies. You know, when a man meets his romantic interest in black-tie attire and refrains from breaking eye contact as he lifts her dainty, limp hand to his lips whispering, “Enchanté.” Kissing a woman’s hand can be done quite casually (and will make her swoon just the same). It’s romantic, affectionate, and gentlemanly no matter how you do it. Grab her hand to kiss while preoccupied with other things to remind her that you’re right there and still honoring her presence. Kiss her hand to make her feel cared for rather than sexualized. Bring her hand to your lips as a gentle reminder of your touch. Hand kissing is somehow both daringly intimate and innocently subtle at the same time. This gesture will also make your woman feel safe and protected. With the increasing pressure for women to demonstrate our strength and independence, it’s refreshing when we can feel comfortable enough to feel fully feminine. Kissing her hand will allow just that.
  4. Knees A favorite of mine, kissing a woman’s knees exudes both sexuality and admiration. Any area below her waist – feet, legs, hips, *ahem* – give off this vibe. Having you down there, looking up at her, her looking down at you, feels like a form of worship. It’s like you’re ogling at the magnificence that is HER in her entirety. What could be better for her than that? Maybe only the fact that being at her knees puts you in a prime position to move your lips just a liiiitle bit north-bound.
  5. Shoulders Kissing her shoulders is an innocent prelude to necking. It’s sweet, but it’s suggestive. Kissing your woman’s shoulders is a perfect move for when you’re out in public. It shows affection without being too cringe-y for the public eye. It also works well when you want to start easing into more serious kissing. It’s just intimate enough to be a bit of a tease. It says, “This can go further if you want.”
  6. Ears If you really want to give her goosebumps and make the hairs on her neck stand erect (pun intended), kiss her ears. Hearing your breath in her ear will have her trying to catch hers. Arousal is all about the senses! Kissing her ears is really playing into that. Also, try to get a few kisses on that sensitive area behind her ears too, as it’s incredibly erotic.
  7. Forehead Forehead kisses are a great way to tell a woman that she is precious to you without making her feel disempowered. It’s endearing. It feels like a warming security blanket. A woman will feel reassured that you’ve got her when you give her kisses on her forehead.
  8. Lips Last, but certainly not least, lips. Straight to the point, lip-on-lip kissing is such a highly underrated activity. It’s direct, it’s classic, and something about putting your face on another person’s face is just about at intimate as you can get. Don’t ever lose the value of a good ol’ smooch just because you want to get more creative too.
  9. Inner thighs It goes without saying that this is one of the best places to kiss a woman and one of the most erotic too. Planting delicate kisses along this area and working your way up will get her excited for what’s coming next. Pepper those kisses slowly and throw in a little lick here and there too. Also, you should probably be prepared to go down on her once you’re finished because she’ll be absolutely screaming for it by the time you’re done.
  10. The folds of her arms This is just as good as behind her knees as the skin is thinner in this area and therefore more sensitive. It may not feel very sexy, but stopping to give some attention to the folds of a woman’s arm as you’re working your way up or down her body will be pleasurable in a way she doesn’t often experience.
  11. Rib cage Again, the rib cage is a fantastic place to kiss as it’s just below her breasts and on the way down to her pubic area. There’s something extra sexy about pressing your lips against this delicate area of her body. Don’t be surprised if you feel her start to wriggle like crazy beneath you as you do this.
I am a 29 year old writer from Milwaukee, WI. Currently living a life of freedom in Tucson, AZ. Virgo, wine-drinker, lover of bad dancing. Insanity and getting into trouble are my fortes. Writing is my medium.