11 Bizarre Reasons Guys Act Distant When They Like You

You like him, he likes you – what’s the problem? Lots, actually, especially if he’s suddenly acting distant. Does it mean he doesn’t like you or is something else going on? Don’t write him off just yet. Here are some reasons why he’s pulling away and what you can do about it.

He’s unsure of your feelings.

Has he shown you he’s interested but you’re the one holding back? While you might think it’s good to go over the top with playing hard to get, this could make him match your actions and back off. Basically, he doesn’t think you’re interested so he’s not putting in a lot of effort. It makes sense.

He thinks you’re out of his league.

If only the dude would realize that there are no dating leagues, for goodness’ sake! However, he might worry that you’re hotter/smarter/more successful than he is, which could make him act a bit distant. He’s just too scared to make a move in case he gets his heart broken.

He’s seeing someone else.

While he was showing you interest and flirting with you, now he’s pulling back and that’s because he has a secret: he’s in a relationship with someone else. It’s actually better if he stays away because you don’t need all this drama in your life. You’re so much better than being the other woman.

He thinks he’s not the only guy in your life.

Maybe he’s single but he thinks you’re seeing someone. He might think because you’re out of his league, you’re definitely not single. Or, he could be mistaking your friendship with a platonic male friend as being something more serious. Whatever the case, he’s holding back to find out if you’re really single or not before he makes his move.

He doesn’t want anything serious.

If he was giving you clear signals that he was into you and then backed off, maybe you mentioned that you were looking for something serious and he just isn’t on the same page. Ugh. Again, he’s doing you a favor by getting out of your life now before you fall hard for him.

He wants options.

He might be interested, just not enough to want a serious relationship. Hmph. He might want to keep things casual so he gives you just enough attention before backing off. Seriously, this can become annoying really fast. Don’t think you’re the only woman in his life because you’re not and you’ll never be his number one.

He’s just really shy.

While shyness shouldn’t stop a guy from asking you out, even if he’s painfully shy, he might battle with this for a while, especially if the next point also applies to him.

He’s loaded with insecurities.

If he’s insecure because he’s had his heart broken before and it scarred him for life, he might hold back a bit out of fear that you’re going to hurt him too. Hopefully he won’t let this stand in his way! Remember, if he really likes you, he’ll want to snap you up before someone else does.

He’s got relationship issues.

Maybe he’s just out of a relationship that broke him and he’s still finding his feet. He wasn’t expecting to meet you and catch some feelings so quickly, so he’s trying to pace himself. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as he’s open with you about what’s going on. You need to know that he’s not just going AWOL – and if you matter to him, he’ll be an open book.

He’s got some doubts.

Another reason why the guy might be backing off a bit is because of how he’s not sure if you guys are compatible with each other. Maybe he’s realized you want different things or if you got together your relationship would require tons of compromise that just doesn’t seem practical. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, just that he’s not the right guy for you.

He’s actually over you.

He was smitten, now he’s not. What gives? How did he change so quickly? Hey, it happens. Those doubts we mentioned could have grown into serious red flags in his mind. As long as he moves away quickly and doesn’t mislead you about the relationship or his feelings, then it’ll be easier for you to walk away. Hey, you win some, you lose some.

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