11 Daily Habits Of An Unapologetic, Badass Woman Who Knows Her Worth

While most of us aren’t born with an incredible sense of self-worth, it’s something worth investing in and developing as much as possible. Knowing your worth means being a strong, independent, badass woman who always does these things:

  1. She always puts herself first. A woman who knows her worth knows that putting herself first doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about other people or that she’s selfish. Rather, she knows that making sure her needs are met first makes her a happier, more fulfilled person who’s more capable of having great relationships with those around her because of it.
  2. She conforms to her own expectations of who she should be. The only expectations that a badass woman needs to meet are her own. She sets her own standards and expectations and works at her own pace. No one tells her who she is or who she needs to be. At the end of the day, she knows she’s in charge of her own life and she exclusively steers the ship.
  3. She sets boundaries when necessary. A woman who knows her worth also knows when to set boundaries with people who aren’t improving her life or adding value to it. She protects herself, her heart, and her head at all costs. Her survival is everything, and she’ll never willingly suffer fools.
  4. She makes intentional choices about who she lets into her life. Similarly, a woman who knows her worth doesn’t let everyone walk into her life and stay. She surrounds herself with people who make her feel alive and doesn’t let anyone stay in her life who takes that away from her.
  5. She expects to be treated with respect, especially in romantic relationships. Respect is essential and non-negotiable. A woman who knows her worth refuses to let a significant other treat her with anything less than the requisite amount of respect for her body, her mind, her career, her home, and her individuality. Respect is one of the pillars of a successful relationship and she won’t settle for someone who doesn’t give her what she deserves.
  6. She believes in her own potential. Sometimes in life, the only person you have on your side is yourself, and a woman who knows her worth understand this and stays loyal to herself every single day. She believes in herself at all costs, especially because the haters stay hating. She knows that the only person who can make her life happen the way she wants it is her.
  7. She forgives herself for making poor choices. This is important. Despite everything on this list, sometimes a woman who knows her worth who does all of these things will make poor life choices, but she’ll always forgive herself. Sure, she might have to take stock of what she did to get herself in the predicament that she’s in, but she’ll acknowledge the lesson, vow to do better next time, and move on.
  8. She invests in her own future. Although wealth disparities between men and women persist, a woman who knows her worth still finds a way to invest in her future. That could be something big like buying a home or achieving a higher degree or something small like moving into her own rental apartment or putting away small amounts of money each month. Whatever that is, a woman who knows her worth finds meaningful ways to financially invest in herself and in her future independent of a man.
  9. She asserts confidence even when she isn’t feeling confident. This one is hard. How are you supposed to be confident if you’re not feeling that way? Well, a woman who knows her own worth will focus on something that gives her confidence, even if it’s just a little bit, and finds a way to amplify it. She believes in faking it on the few occasions she’s not actually making it, and it serves her well.
  10. She knows when to say no. A woman who’s familiar with her worth isn’t afraid to say no to something. She’s not swayed by the crowd and she doesn’t follow others. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She knows that always saying yes to people and events when she really doesn’t want to will strip her of her autonomy. Saying no can be the sign of a powerful, badass woman.
  11. She seizes great opportunities. This is all about staying on her toes. It’s about being ready for anything that life throws at her. She sees a fabulous opportunity and races toward it rather than shrinking away from it. From love and dating to her career, a woman who knows her worth understands that opportunities are abundant and that at any point in time, you just might lose out if you don’t take a risk on something that you want.
Marie is an ambitious millennial woman, leading a corporate life by day and doing her best to live, laugh and love.