11 Dating Games No Self-Respecting Woman Should Play—I Know I Won’t

The reason that looking for love sucks so much is that too many people insist on playing stupid dating games that make finding “The One” feel nearly impossible. Well, I’ve had enough. Here are 11 dating games I won’t be partaking in ever again.

  1. Serial swiping The internet is great but I feel like it’s gone too far when it comes to dating. I refuse to be the girl who sits at home swiping left and right on Tinder when I could be out having a great time in town. I choose the scene over the screen any day! So if your intention is to text and message me on and off for months without making any effort to take things further, think again!
  2. Waiting to text a dude back We all carry our phones with us everywhere. Seriously, everyone is always on their phones, so let’s cut the BS about waiting hours before we can text each other back. If I want to talk to a guy, I’m going to reply when I want to just because I want to. What’s the point of waiting?
  3. Being a friend plus a little extra I don’t have time for men who waste my time and friendship trying to convince me to be friends with benefits. I’m either his girlfriend or his friend—I refuse to be whatever confusing thing is in the middle. I’m worth a definitive role in someone’s life and I won’t settle for less.
  4. Pretending to be OK with anything There’s nothing more annoying than two people in a relationship who pretend to be OK with anything and never making demands about what they want and expect from each other. I’m not going to be the girl who tells a guy I’m fine with something when the truth is that it really bothers me. I’ll be the girl who says it like it is for both of our benefits.
  5. Agreeing to keep seeing other people when I want to be exclusive If a guy likes me and wants to date me, that’s great. If not, that’s totally fine. What’s not okay is putting me in that area where I’m neither one thing or the other. If he’s not set on a relationship, that’s fine, but that means he won’t be having anything with me. Mention an open relationship and I’m the first one out of the door.
  6. Being a one-night stand I’m an old soul and a romantic and I believe that sex should be between two people who care for each other. I know that everyone feels differently about it and that’s fine. All I’m saying is that when it comes to me, I won’t be the girl who sleeps with a guy and leaves first thing in the morning. I want a little bit more than that.
  7. Having to be the consistent “nice girl” I’m sick and tired of self-proclaimed nice guys and girls. I’m not perfect and I’m not going to pretend that I am. What I can guarantee, though, is that I’ll be 100% honest and genuine with you. I won’t pretend to be something I’m not. I’ll show a guy the real me and he can decide how he feels about that.
  8. Putting up with a yo-yo guy You know when you’re just about over someone and then he comes back into your life? He’s the guy that sends the perfect text or call just when you’ve convinced yourself you’re better off without him. He stops texting and calling and starts again when it’s convenient for him. That’s what I call the yo-yo and for me, that’s a big no no.
  9. Netflix and chill in place of a real, actual date It’s about time Netflix introduced a disclaimer stating that it’s not to be considered a date. Seriously, a dude needs to make an actual effort and take me somewhere outside of his dingy apartment if he’s into me. Where’s the romance in dating?
  10. Playing hard to get If I like the guy, I’m going to let him know it. I don’t have the time for playing hard to get and sending mixed signals. I’m upfront and clear about where I want the relationship to go because that’s what adults should do. I expect the same in return.
  11. Putting in zero effort so I don’t seem too keen Most people are lazy when it comes to love.  What really frustrates me is when they blame it all on fate, with the excuse that if it was meant to happen then it would’ve. I don’t believe that. I think love is important and that while fate can help, it’s really up to us to put in the effort. I won’t be the girl who sits back and expects fate to give me what I want when it comes to relationships. I’m willing to fight hard for the relationships I want, no games involved.
Disney and life combined have made a starry eyed dreamer out of me. And I refuse to wake up.

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