11 Obvious Signs She Wants You — Pay Attention, Guys

When you meet a woman you’re interested in, you spend some time trying to figure out whether the interest is mutual. But short of coming right out and asking her directly, it can be difficult to tell whether she liked you or not. Watching out for the following signs is a good way to gauge whether a woman wants you and save yourself a lot of time, energy, and second-guessing down the road.

  1. She’s eager to hang out with you. If she keeps suggesting seeing you again, coming up with date ideas, or inviting you to stuff, that could be a sign that she’s into you and wants to spend more time with you. Even when you schedule a date for a day when she has other plans, she might cancel those plans for you or quickly offer an alternative date that works for her. This is one of the biggest and most obvious signs she wants you that shouldn’t be ignored.
  2. She initiates and maintains conversations. When a woman is really into you, she’s not going to want to play silly mind games. She’ll happily text you first instead of waiting for you to do all the reaching out. She won’t be afraid to double text, ask questions, or come up with creative and engaging responses to the things you say. There will be no one-word responses where you’re the only one carrying the conversation.
  3. She slips sexual references into your conversations. Maybe you ask her about her day and she tells you about the sexy new lingerie she ordered or asks you to help her choose which one to buy. If she finds ways to subtly introduce sex-related topics or make sexually suggestive comments when talking to you, that’s a strong indicator that she wants you.
  4. She’s constantly liking and commenting on all your posts. One of the subtle ways women indicate interest and position themselves to be noticed when they like a guy is by frequently leaving comments on his posts. She’s going to be monitoring your page and liking pretty much anything you share so keep an eye out for that.
  5. She jokes about dating you. When a girl wants you for herself but doesn’t want to admit it outright for fear of rejection, she might test the waters by hinting at you two being a couple. She wants to see how you react to her comments while also putting it out there that she has thought about the two of you being together.
  6. She flirts openly with you. Most women are socialized to police their interactions with men to avoid sending the wrong message so if she’s full-on flirting with you via text or in person, there’s mutual desire there. There’s a reason she’s asking follow-up questions, sending you pictures of herself, and laughing at all your jokes and it’s not because you’re Jerry Seinfeld.
  7. She initiates physical contact. When you hang out together, does she reach for your hand and hold it? Does she rest her palm on your thighs, touch your face, run fingers through your hair/beard, trace objects along your hands? Does she lean in to get closer or create distance when you touch her in a flirty manner? If yes, that’s an obvious sign that she likes you.
  8. She asks questions about you and remembers the little things. A woman who is into you is going to want to learn as much as she can about you. So she’s going to be asking you about everything from your hobbies to your favorite meals and your thoughts on Marvel superheroes. Also, she’ll never forget tiny details like the instrument you played in high school or your favorite ice cream flavor.
  9. She showers you with compliments. If she’s always praising your outfits, telling you how beautiful a man you are, and fawning over parts of your body like your lips, eyes, or smile, it’s probably because she likes you.  She wants to make you feel good and associate that feeling with her.
  10. She instantly responds when you reach out. When you text or call her, she responds right away because she likes you and wants to sustain your interest. And if she’s too busy to fully engage in a conversation, she’d explain the situation so you don’t think that she’s intentionally ignoring you.
  11. She opens up to you and encourages you to reciprocate. If she willingly volunteers information about her life, big and trivial, without you even having to prod, that signifies that she’s interested in you. Bonus points if she asks you about other aspects of your life that not many people know about like your childhood, past, dreams, and feelings.
  12. She’s not dating anyone else. In theory, this doesn’t have to be meaningful and isn’t indicative of any feelings on her behalf. However, she’s young and single and plenty of her friends are out there mingling but she’s not (and she makes it a point to tell you so). She may pass it off as being because she hasn’t met anyone she really likes yet, but she has — it’s you.
  13. She makes excuses to talk to you. We’ve already talked about how when a woman likes you, she’ll initiate and maintain conversations with you, i.e. make an effort. However, if she has absolutely nothing to say but tries to find little reasons that she “needs” to get in touch, it’s clear that this is just because she wants to talk to you. Indulge her a bit if you feel the same.
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