11 Reasons Not to Rule Out a Long Distance Relationship

You wouldn’t date someone just because they lived in your ideal 10-15 mile radius, so you shouldn’t not date them just because they don’t. Sure, long distance relationships can be challenging, but so can relationships that aren’t separated by state lines. Whether it started out from afar or circumstances eventually made it that way, don’t throw in the towel on Mr. Right just because he’s not right here. Believe it or not, there are many advantages of having a long distance lover, and here are eleven:

  1. Frequent flyer miles will pile up. Sure, TSA checks can be invasive and baggage claim has lost your suitcase more times than you can count, but you have earned enough miles to travel around the world twice. Use this perk to plan extra special trips with your love instead of always just meeting in each other’s hometown.
  2. You’re building trust. Because like it or not, you have no other option but to trust each other when you’re living in different zip codes. It’s kind of hard to do a random drive-by or Nancy Drew-style phone checks from 1,000 miles away.
  3. Social media is on your side. Sure, there’s no app (yet) that makes you physically able to hold his hand, but you can look at 3,000 pictures of him on Instagram, figure out who his friends are on Facebook, and tweet about how much you can’t wait to see each other next weekend.
  4. Technology is your friend. It’s not 1995 anymore, where you have to run home and wait by the phone. Now no matter where you are, your loved one is only a call, text, email, Snapchat, FaceTime, or Skype away.
  5. You can leave the party whenever you want. Or skip it altogether! Ultimately, the majority of the time, you only have to answer to you or commit to the plans you want to make.
  6. Experience the best of both worlds. You have a person who genuinely loves you and wants to share your best and worst times with you, but sometimes it’s also nice to be left alone.
  7. Slacking on the personal maintenance isn’t a problem. So you forgot to shave your legs this morning? Who cares? Mani/pedis are only necessary before visits, and when the waxer accidentally takes your entire eyebrow off you know it’ll grow back before you see him… just skip the Skype for a few days.
  8. You’ll be comfortable with your own company. It’s easier to try things on your own when the person you want to do everything with is a million miles away. Go to a movie by yourself and eat alone in a restaurant. If you can’t be happy by yourself, you have no business being in a relationship, long distance or otherwise.
  9. Enjoy having the bed to yourself. Okay, sure, most of the time you want him spooned up next to you… but sometimes it feels amazing to stretch yourself out across the bed and not have to fight for the covers. 
  10. Time together is always special. You don’t have time to deal with the boring, mundane parts of a relationship. You get in, get the good stuff, and then it’s time to go!
  11. It’s not all about the sex. But when it is, it’s a-maz-ing.
Rachael is an award winning stand-up comedienne, freelance writer, and BravoTV superfan. Her Real Housewives tagline is “The only thing bigger than my boobs are my personalities.” In her spare time, she keeps busy catering to the needs of a very spoiled Siberian Husky, (Paris Hilton), cleaning the skeletons out of her closet (to make room for more shoes), and swiping left to everyone on Tinder. Follow her on twitter @therealplandd.