11 Reasons Single Moms Make Amazing Partners

While most of us didn’t plan on raising kids alone, single moms aren’t damaged, desperate, or anything else ignorant guys might think of us. In fact, we’re probably the best dates they’ll ever have for these reasons and more:

  1. We’re ridiculously independent and will never NEED a guy. Single moms do it all, and we do it with little to no help. Raising a tiny human is no easy feat physically, emotionally, OR financially. We have our ducks in a row in life and we can hold our own without having to depend on a guy. Having to look after ourselves and a little one means that even when we do meet a guy, it’s unlikely we’ll ever rely on him too heavily—we value our self-sufficiency.
  2. We’re determined to provide a bright future for ourselves AND our babies. Because we’ve had to be so independent, we’re also ambitious as hell. We know what we want and we’re determined to get it: a better life for our kids. While we know we’re still women and human beings outside of being moms, we also know our kids come first and everything we do is in service of ensuring the best possible life for them.
  3. We’ve been through a lot and survived it, coming out stronger than before. Most of us have been through some pretty tough stuff but we wear our battle scars with pride. It’s said that hardships are lessons, and make you stronger. If that’s the case, single mothers are the toughest warriors on the dating battlefield. We’re strong and resilient and it takes a lot to knock us down (and even more to keep us from getting back up again).
  4. We have no choice but to be very patient. If there’s one thing a parent NEEDS in order to stay sane, it’s a whole lot of patience. Taking care of a child is almost equivalent to taking care of your drunk bros after a day drinking binge, except it’s a 24/7 job (and they can’t sober up and thank you in the morning). We’re used to dirty socks next to the hamper and peanut butter stains on the rug so we’ll be a little more patient when a guy occasionally slips up.
  5. We definitely appreciate the little things. We’ve been the lone wolves when taking care of ourselves and our kids and are used to doing everything solo. So when a guy comes into the picture, even the simplest gestures never go unnoticed. We’re thankful for a helping hand and grateful that we can lean on someone besides ourselves for once.
  6. We’ve had to grow up quick so we’re very mature. We have too much on our plates to be playing dating games with guys. A sense of security is vital to our relationships, so if a guy is lucky enough for us to think he’s worth investing time into, we won’t be ghosting him or talking to his friends behind his back. That stuff’s for kids, and we have our own to worry about.
  7. Our situation makes us extremely loyal. If we’re not only willing to let a guy into our lives but into our kids’ lives too, we clearly see something in him. We know our kids need stability and consistency, so if we pick a guy, we’ll stick with him (as long as he continues to treat us right). We’re the definition of ride or die, and we expect the same from the guys we date.
  8. We’re the most sympathetic, caring people in the world. We spend a good amount of time nursing wounds and kissing away tears. Moms can make everything better and our love will spread and touch anyone we care for. We have a natural maternal instinct and while we’ll try not to baby the guy we’re seeing too much, we’ll definitely try to ensure he’s taken care of.
  9. Family is everything to us. Having a family is a lot like having a squad of warriors who have your back at all times or a security blanket that will catch you when you fall. Single moms are definitely family oriented and when you link up with us, you have your own squad that you can always lean on.
  10. You’re not signing a contract. We’re not going to expect a guy to play daddy from day one. Chances are, we won’t bring him around our kids until we know he’s worth it and he’s in it for keeps. If it’s right, it will feel right, and things will fall together naturally. Before he knows it, he won’t be able to picture his life without us and the kids, but until then, we’ll want to take it slow and easy just like everyone else.
  11. We have the best snacks. Do we have to say more? You won’t go hungry again, and everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Hey! My name is Pola and I'm a 28 year old mother of 2 boys. I was a single mom for 7 years until recently the man of my dreams swept me off me feet (and knocked me up lol).