11 Reasons Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

11 Reasons Your Sister Is Your Best Friend ©iStock/teksomolika

Having a sister is truly like having a built-in best friend. You’re stuck with each other from birth, so it’s bond or perish. You end up spending so much time together that you’re able to understand each other to the point where it’s creepy. Sisters share a special bond, and while you probably have no shortage of amazing girlfriends, there are many reasons why your sister is your best friend.

  1. You can be gross together. You guys grew up in close quarters. You probably know (or accidentally discovered) way too much about each other’s personal hygiene habits. You can share these things with each other unabashedly even as adults. Your bodies may do revolting things sometimes, but it’s revoltingly satisfying to discuss them. Bring on the poop!
  2. You can talk to her about anything. No topic is off limits between you and your sister. If you need to get something off your chest, she’s ready and willing to hear all of your BS, no matter how late it is. She’s a therapist, a guidance counselor, a trauma specialist, a sister and a friend all in one.
  3. She can make you laugh until you pee yourself. Laughter is magical and its healing properties should never be underestimated. Your sister understands you the best, so she knows how to make you laugh the hardest. While your wet pants are a nuisance to you, they are a symbol of pride and achievement for her.
  4. She’s a healthy source of competition. It’s only natural to feel an urge to compete against your siblings in certain facets of life. This doesn’t stem from a need to be “better” than each other, necessarily — you just get a thrill out of seeing how you compare to one another. Because of your sister, you strive to be the best person you can be. Even if that person is a douchebag.
  5. No one knows you like she does. You’ve survived everything from failed parenting maneuvers to epic fashion failures together. She watched you grow into the person you are today and she understands the things that shaped you that way. Your sister just gets you on a fundamental level that no one else will be able to reach.
  6. She’s your partner in crime. Who’s up for getting into some shenanigans? Your insane sister, that’s who.
  7. You can be honest with her. No need to sugarcoat anything. If something sucks, you can tell your sister exactly how crappy it is without dressing the situation up in daisies and rainbows. She can take it and you appreciate the hell out of her for that.
  8. She won’t judge you. OK, she might judge you a little, but she’ll still love you at the end of it all. She’ll probably make fun of you and bring up [insert embarrassing event here] at least a couple times a year for the rest of your lives, but it’s all in good fun. Most of the time.
  9. She’s protective of you. It doesn’t matter if your sister is younger or older than you. She’ll always want to protect you and she’ll always have your back. Having someone in your corner for life brings you a lot of comfort. And occasionally chocolatey desserts.
  10. She’s the best drinking buddy on the planet. You can tell your sister anything anyway, but when you drink together your social filters vanish completely and dark, terrible thoughts make their way out into the open. It doesn’t matter how dreadful these things are, because it’s impossible to offend your sister and both of you are laughing too hard to be able to process anger anyway. Bartender, more please.
  11. She always knows how to cheer you up. Your sister has a knack for being able to dig you out of your foulest moods. You will always adore her for that. She swoops in with her goofy yet vile sense of humor and manages to save the day once again. You don’t know how the weirdo has the energy for it, but she’s like some kind of mood-saving superhero who crouches in the shadows and appears when she’s needed the most. She might be a weirdo, but she’s your weirdo.
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