11 Reusable Water Bottles To Up Your Hydration Game & Help The Planet

If you’re all about staying hydrated—and let’s be honest, if you want a bomb complexion and healthy insides, you should be—you probably drink a ton of water every day. That’s great, but not so much if you’re using disposable plastic bottles on a daily basis. Help save the planet AND hit up your daily H2O with these reusable water bottles on Amazon.

HydroFlask 40oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle – $42.95

Admittedly, when I first picked this bottle up off the shelf at Whole Foods, I had no idea how much it cost because it wasn’t labeled. When I got to the checkout till and the cashier told me a water bottle cost $40, I was aghast. However, I really liked the color (I got the mint one) and I wanted to treat myself, so I bought it. I use it every single day. I fill it multiple times a day to keep at my desk to refill glasses of water and find I drink way more this way. Admittedly, it is a bit heavy for traveling, but it keeps my water cold for 12+ hours, so I’m happy with it.

Nalgene BPA-Free Wide-Mouth 32oz Water Bottle – $10.99

Nalgene was the OG reusable water bottle brand that were all the rage back when I was in college (I hate to date myself by saying this was in 2002, but here we are). They’re still popular today and a lot cheaper than they used to be thanks to competition from other brands, making them a great, reliable option. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to take with you on the go, so that’s a win-win.

Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle 32oz – $22.99

Another stainless steel option, though cheaper than the HydroFlask version. Simple Modern is a pretty solid brand and these bottles feel good quality and come in a bajillion different colors and patterns. I love stainless steel bottles that are double-walled for the temperature retention benefits, so if you do too, this may be a good option.

Copco Hydra Reusable Tritan Water Bottle, 16oz (Pack of 2) – $19.99

If you want a reusable water bottle that looks like a regular disposable water bottle, look no further. You get two for the price of one here, plus they’re BPA-free, meaning no nasty chemicals. Keep one in your fridge for later and you’ll never run out of ice cold H2O.

QuiFit 1 Gallon Water Bottle – $18.95

Not only do you get an insane 128 oz of water in this bad boy, it also contains time markers letting you know how much you should have consumed by a certain point in the day. Lug this one to the gym with you or keep it on your desk at work and everyone will know you mean business. Hydration business.

reduce WaterWeek 5 Reusable Bottle Set With Fridge Rack – $18.99

This is a great price for an amazing product. If you drink lots of water throughout the day but can’t hack the bigger bottles, having four stored and ready to go in your fridge at any time is always a good option. Or, if you live with a partner, roommate, family member, or friend, you could share this set.

purifyou Glass Water Bottle & Silicone Sleeve – $19.97

I don’t really trust myself with glass, so despite the fact that this one comes with a silicone sleeve meant to keep you from smashing the bottle to smithereens, I can’t get down. However, I know a lot of people really love these (and I have indeed tried them before and found them convenient, lightweight, and easy to clean), so if you don’t want plastic or stainless steel, this could be an awesome choice.

Healthy Human Designer Collection Stainless Steel 24oz Bottle – $24.99

The thing I love most about Human Designer’s water bottles is that the patterns are so pretty. I know that shouldn’t really matter and it’s more about function over form, but I’m only human and I like looking at nice things! These are also super sporty and come with a carabiner to hook onto your backpack, if that’s your style.

HydroJug 1/2 Gallon Reusable Water Bottle – $22.99

If a gallon is too big for you and you want some cute color choices, go for HydroJug’s BPA-free, leak-proof water bottle. This has carrying handle like most jugs, so it’s easy to cart around with you to the gym, work, or wherever you’re going. I love the pink one, but they do come in more neutral colors if you’d prefer.

Zorri Sports Bottle, BPA-Free – $9.77

One of the least expensive options on the list, Zorri comes through with a super cute sporty bottle that’s available in a variety of sizes and colors and is not only leak-proof but BPA-free (which I feel like is becoming the standard more and more rather than a unique feature). At this price, if you’re just looking for a bottle to throw in your backpack or take with you on a hike, it’s a great option.

Simple Modern Bolt Sports Bottle 17oz – $13.99

Another offering from Simple Modern, which does the classy, modern thing pretty damn well (I mean, I would hope so). These don’t offer much different in terms of functionality, but they are really sleek and would go well on one of those Instagram-worthy desks that’s super white and always has a MacBook just out of frame. You know what I mean!

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