11 Signs A Guy Is Interested In You, But Not Enough To Be Worth Pursuing

They say you should check the signs that someone’s into you before you jump into dating them. But honestly, sometimes those signs aren’t enough to mean that you should go for it. Here are 10 signs that show that a guy is interested but not enough to make it worth your while.

He can’t talk.

Whenever you text him, the conversation always hits flirty waters within five seconds. You can’t even mention how hot the weather’s been without them turning the subject into something sexual. Ugh. It’s so damn annoying and clearly shows what he’s really after.

He doesn’t know you on some days.

He might text you loads on the weekend, only to avoid you during the week. What’s up with that? You’re getting mixed signals because he’s not that into you. His interest is minimal at best and really nothing special to tell all your friends about.

He asks questions about your life, but…

Someone who wants to get to know you will do so by asking questions about your life. However, sometimes asking questions isn’t enough. How does the person behave when you answer the questions? Does he seem interested or bored out of his mind?

They ask you out to the club.

Being asked out on a date is great, but what kind of date is what really matters here. If he only ever asks you out on group dates or to the wild parties on the weekend, he’s keeping things light and less personal than if he wants to go to movies or have dinner.

He talks about his attraction.

It’s great to hear that your partner finds you attractive, like when he compliments your dress sense or says your eyes are beautiful. But too much of this can point to someone who’s not looking deeper into you, like at what makes you amazing on the inside. You’re worth more than your looks.

He’s different when others are around.

While it’s normal to behave a little differently around different people, it’s not cool if the guy you’re interested in is completely different when you’re in private versus when you’re with his friends or your loved ones. That can point to someone who’s not showing you his true colors.

He’s a serial date ditcher.

It’s normal for life to get in the way at times and force you to have to cancel a date, but if you just feel like the reasons he’s giving you for why they have to cancel twice in a row are BS (he fell and hurt his knee AGAIN?!), then maybe you’re sensing that he’s already losing interest.

He’s rushing through things.

If it seems like the guy is rushing you through dates and wanting to see you all the time, that can be a little too much for the early stages of your relationship to handle. Heck, you’re not even in a relationship yet. This dizzying behavior can point to someone who’s desperate to make things happen without really thinking about what future (if any) the two of you will have together. He’s all about now, now, now, and looking for a quick fix.

He doesn’t give much away

When you turn the spotlight onto him and ask your date about his life/childhood/exes, he clams up or try to get you back under the spotlight. This is a huge red flag because there’s no way in hell someone will want to have a real relationship with another person if they never actually open themselves up. Interest, attraction, and dating are supposed to be two-way streets, a game of give and take. If he’s not meeting you halfway by showing interest in you and by letting you into their lives, guess what? It’s time to move on.

Something’s holding you back.

Last but certainly not least, your gut might be trying to warn you about this guy. You might find that something’s holding you back from taking things further with him even if you don’t know exactly what that is. Honestly, it doesn’t matter why it’s happening, but the important thing is to listen to that voice. RUN!

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