11 Signs He Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

He might seem like a strong guy who’s very put together and self-assured, which could give you the idea that he will love being with a strong woman. Sadly, that’s not always the case. If he shows you any of these 11 signs, he can’t handle your strength.

He acts annoyed when you get real.

When you confront him about something because you refuse to take anyone’s BS, he becomes irritated and annoyed. What’s up with that? He might even tell you he just wants a chilled vibe, but that’s a cop-out. He just doesn’t want a woman who has her own mind and questions him.

He says you’re too much.

Oh, he called you intense, did he? That’s the classic weak guy’s strategy to make you feel like you’re the problem. Don’t let him get to you so that you start doubting yourself. He’s got the problem.

He’s a terrible communicator.

When you’re talking about something you’re knowledgeable about, he’s quick to interrupt you, look bored, or mansplain things to you like you’re a child. If you say that you’re writing a book, he might explain how you should go about it even though you just told him that you’re in the process of actually doing it, not just talking about it. Ugh. A guy who can’t handle a strong woman will try to make himself seem smarter.

He talks down your achievements.

This sort of guy is also insecure, so don’t be surprised when he tries to act like your achievements and successes don’t matter. He just doesn’t want you to be “better” than him. See, he’s all about coming out on top.

He hates that you don’t need him.

When you can change your own car tire and sort out whatever drama drops on your doorstep, he’s not happy for you — he’s weirdly against how you never call him. He wants to feel needed by you but he needs to realize that you don’t need to depend on him in order to show that you care about him. You can handle your own stuff!

He competes with you.

Linked to how he might try to rain on your happy parade, the guy is seriously jealous and always wants to compete with you. It could start in a lighthearted way but could quickly escalate into something darker.

He negs you.

He insults you and then calls it a “joke.” He might even suggest that you don’t act so uptight about stuff. Oh, hell no. This sort of behavior is perfect for the guy who can’t handle having a strong partner because it makes him glad to see you get ruffled up. The best thing to do is walk away instead of giving him the satisfaction of knowing he’s got under your skin.

He tries too hard to impress you.

A guy who’s intimidated by your strength knows that the strategies he uses on other women won’t work on you so he’s not sure how to chase you when he meets you. The result is that he might try too hard to impress you, which shows you that he’s overcompensating for some sort of lack.

He says you’re out of his league.

Has he ever said that he’s not in your league or you should be with someone else? Ugh, he’s trying to show you that he doesn’t feel confident to date you. He really shouldn’t waste your time, then, especially because dating leagues are total BS.

He doesn’t respect your boundaries.

When you want some space and privacy in the relationship, he’s quick to get angry about it. He wants to control you but he can’t and that makes him feel inadequate. Geez, does everything have to be a competition with this guy? Sadly, yes. He’s really toxic.

He can never let you take control.

When the washing machine is bust and you know how to fix it, he will rather struggle with it instead of letting you bruise his ego by showing him how it’s done. When it’s raining and you give him a jacket, flipping the whole “men must be chivalrous” idea on its head, he laughs you off. This guy hates letting you take the reins, ever. He wants to be in a relationship where the guy’s in control.

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