11 “Signs” That He’s Into You That Might Not Actually Mean Anything At All

It’s natural to assume that if a guy SEEMS like he’s really into you, he actually is. However, you could be totally misreading his actions and the situation as a whole (and that could just be his intention). Are you falling into the trap of thinking the following things are dead giveaways that he’s really into you?

  1. He asks for your number. Yes, this is a clear sign that he’s into you, but what happens if he doesn’t call even though he promised to? He might have changed his mind about you or met someone else — or maybe even asked for your number even though he wasn’t sure that he was going to use it. Not to be negative, but taking your number isn’t a guarantee that the guy wants you to be his.
  2. He texts all the time. But does anything real come of it? You can chat to the guy all day, every day about every topic under the sun, but he might just be enjoying the conversation. If he hasn’t actually asked you out after chatting with you for a while, or at least upgraded to calling you instead of relying on text or email, then he’s probably not as interested as you think.
  3. He flirts with you. He calls you “sexy” and hints that he’d like to see you first thing in the morning. Are you sure he’s not just flirting in the hope of charming you all the way to his bedroom? If he’s not backing up his flirting tactics with other signs that he wants to date you and not just do you, such as making solid plans for a real date and not a booty call, then maybe he’s not that interested.
  4. He’s always chivalrous. Chivalry has become so rare that when a guy opens the car door for you or gives you his jacket, it can easily be misinterpreted as romantic interest. But maybe the guy’s just a gentleman who’s chivalrous and respectful towards every woman. Same goes for if he’s really nice and polite. His mama raised him right!
  5. He has sex with you. He “doesn’t usually have sex on a first date” but he just couldn’t resist how gorgeous and amazing you are. When a guy has sex with you and makes it out to be something really romantic and out of the ordinary, it’s easy to think that it means something. But it might not be, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that he wants to keep having sex with you in a long-term relationship scenario.
  6. He’s waxing lyrical about you. He’s always giving you compliments, and not just about how sexy you look in your gorgeous LBD. He gives you compliments about your intelligence and amazing personality. It’s clear he’s noticing details about you, but he could also be doing that to impress you so that you’ll have sex with him. Guys know how to throw on the charm and make it feel meaningful.
  7. He “likes” all your Facebook posts. Whether you post an inspirational quote or a selfie in which you look gorgeous AF, he’s always the first person to “like” or comment on your social media activity. Even your BFF has noticed it and reckons he’s interested. But there doesn’t have to be a big reason behind it. He probably likes loads of other things on social media, too.
  8. He’s big on physical affection. When he hugs you, he gives you a really big bear hug and during conversation, he might brush your arm or hand. It feels like he’s finding any excuse to make physical contact, but maybe he’s just an affectionate person. To be sure there’s something more behind those hugs, check out what he’s like around other women. If he’s reserving this touchy behavior for you, then he probably does like you.
  9. He talks about his life. He’s very open with you and confides in you about his family dynamics, his feelings, his goals, and more. It’s really cool because usually guys are so closed off, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that he sees you as GF material. In fact, it could be the opposite. If he’s opening up to you so soon after meeting you, it could be that he sees you more as a friend or confidante than the woman he’s hoping to impress.
  10. He wants you to meet his friends. He’s keen to introduce you to his closest friends on the weekend? Woohoo! It must mean that he’s really interested in you and wants to bring you into his world. But it could also mean that he’s a sociable person who likes to introduce people to each other and hang out with all the cool people he knows simultaneously. Unless you’re dating and he’s made his feelings for you clear, meeting his friends could just be a form of hanging out with him.
  11. He makes set plans for a dateHe got your number or hit you up on a dating app and didn’t let lots of time pass before he asked you out on a real date. Sounds good, and it is, but it doesn’t mean that he’s interested. He might just be curious about you or he might just want to turn the dinner date into a booty call back at his place. Basically, just because a guy asks you out on a date, it doesn’t immediately mean that there’s major interest. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Allow the truth of what he’s about to reveal itself. It takes time but if he’s right for you, it will be worth it.
Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both.