11 Stressful Relationship Things You Don’t Have To Worry About When You’re Single

Although there are plenty of perks to being in a relationship with someone you care about, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, there are so many stressful aspects of being committed to someone, it’s honestly enough to make you wonder if it’s really worth being in a relationship at all sometimes. Being single may have its downsides, but the good thing is you never have to worry about these stressful things that coupled up people do:

Wondering if he’s cheating on you.

This usually isn’t a problem in healthy, trusting relationships, but it’s NEVER a problem when you’re single. When you’re not committed to anyone at all, you can rest easy literally 100% of the time knowing that there are zero hot blonde coworkers that you have to worry about.

Sacrificing your time for someone else.

When you’re single, you have to miss exactly zero Game of Thrones episodes to attend your significant other’s work parties. You never have to squeeze in time for someone else when all you really want is to spend time alone with a good book. Not making time for your partner when you’re in a relationship is generally pretty crappy, but when you’re single, the only person you need to spend time loving is yourself.

Having a crush on someone else.

Even when you’re in a committed and loving relationship, it’s normal to develop crushes on other people — but sometimes you experience a little bit of emotional turmoil when it happens. You (obviously) aren’t going to cheat on the one you love, but it’s also tearing you up a little bit knowing that you’ll never get to tongue-wrestle with that hot dude at the gym. Good news, though — when you’re single, an innocent crush can develop into whatever you’d like.

Spending money for two people.

The ideal relationship is financially equal, but you’ll still probably end up paying both your share and your significant other’s at some point along the way. Then you have to worry about birthday, Christmas and even anniversary presents on top of it all. When you’re a single lady, you can be as selfish as you want with your hard-earned cash.

Constantly being ready for sex.

It might not be NECESSARY to shave when you’re in a relationship, especially as time goes on and you get more comfortable with each other, but for those of us who feel sexier without stubble, it can be a lot of work to make sure you always feel like a hairless goddess in the bedroom. Does it suck when you’re single and don’t know if you’ll get laid tomorrow or next year? Yep. Does it suck only having to make sure you’re smooth and silky every once in a while when you know you’re going to get laid? Nope.

Making decisions based on the future of your relationship.

Deciding between moving away for your dream job and staying put to be with your dream guy can be heart-wrenching… if you’re in a relationship, that is. The single people out there are free to chase their wildest dreams wherever and whenever they please without feeling like they’re being held back by another person.

Clashing lifestyles.

You like everything neat and tidy, but he feels uncomfortable in a spotless home. You throw everything in one garbage can, but he recycles and composts everything he can. You’re a night owl, he’s an early bird. These all might be differences that you can work through together, but you don’t have to even consider them when you’re not in a relationship. Not being tied down to someone allows you to live your life exactly the way you want to without having to worry about if someone else’s will constantly be on your nerves.

Worrying about the future.

Are you really ready to commit to one person for the rest of your life? Is HE really ready to commit to you for the rest of his life? Is this a short-term thing, or a long-term thing? While single people might worry about their ticking biological clocks, they don’t have to fret about the other concerns about the future that people in relationships often fight and worry about.

Losing sleep.

Once you start staying over at someone’s place on a regular basis, say goodbye to being able to stretch out on the bed and not worrying about someone else making the mattress creak all night. Sharing a bed with someone you love can be nice, especially if you’re a cuddle bug, but the coziness wears off when you start waking up multiple times during the night because your S.O. snores. Getting a full night’s sleep is a definite perk to living the single life.

Stupid fights.

Even the best relationships have their fair share of bickering over what seems to be nothing, and over time, those little squabbles can be emotionally exhausting. As a single woman, those silly battles aren’t even on your list of things to worry about. You can live your life the way you want without having to worry about someone making passive-aggressive comments about how you load the dishwasher.

Jealousy issues. 

Being single allows you to be friends with as many sexy men as you want without having to worry if your partner is going to get all weird and possessive around you because of it. Even if things really are strictly platonic between you and your guy friends, it’s a lot easier to maintain opposite-sex friendships when you know you’re not going to be asked to delete them off Facebook by a controlling boyfriend.

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