11 Texts A Guy Never Wants To Receive (So You Probably Shouldn’t Send Them)

While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to dating, there are certain faux pas you should probably avoid if you can help it. Many of these errors have to do with texting. When you’re just getting to know a guy and he’s someone you think you might like to be with long-term, you have to play your cards right and ensure you’re not turning him off. With that in mind, avoid sending him these 11 texts early on – he probably won’t want to receive them.

“I can really see a future with you.”

You might send this type of text after a great date with your new guy, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But if it’s just been one or two dates that you’ve shared and things have been pretty casual between you so far, this could seem a bit too presumptuous. Skip the word “future” and say something pertaining to the next date. This shows him you’re interested without jumping too far ahead of yourself.

A string of emojis

Yeah, emojis are cute and we all get excited when we have new ones at our disposal, but you should still be able to express yourself without them. Use your words! If you’re sending him strings of emojis that he has to sit and try to figure out to understand what you’re saying, you’re just wasting his time and not getting your message across.

“My parents want to meet you.”

Yikes! Not only does this seem like you’ve been talking up a storm to your parents and they think it’s serious enough to meet him, but it might be too much too soon. Instead, just feel out if he’d want to meet your parents sometime in subtler ways, like by mentioning that they’re in town and are visiting you.

“Where have you been?”

This type of text is immediately confrontational and makes it seem like you’re scolding a kid. Anyone would feel defensive upon receiving it. If you’re curious about where he’s at and why he hasn’t texted you, send him something interesting about your day and see if he wants to chat. Or, pull back a bit if he’s not replying to your texts.

“Need to talk to you about something.”

Uh-oh, trouble is brewing! That’s what he’ll be thinking anyway, and it will totally crush his entire day. Besides, if you really do need to talk to him about something serious, it’s best to save it for when you can talk in person. You would hate to get this message as well, so don’t do it to him.

Really long texts

 They might be about the totally crazy day you had or what procedures your poor little Poopsie had to have at the vet, but either way, sending him essays instead of texts can be overwhelming. Give him a chance to say something before you throw a massive text at him.


We always talk about how men send those horrid one-word texts, but you might do it too, like when he’s pissed you off. He might text you to ask you something and because you’re mad you won’t say much more than “K.” It’s better to tell him why you’re upset because he might not even have a clue! While you’re seething, he’s out enjoying his day. Don’t torture yourself with this one.

What were you typing?”

 We’ve all been chatting with someone only to see that they were busy typing and then no message came through. Asking him about this is weird because maybe he changed his mind about what he wanted to say or maybe it was boring and he wanted to jazz it up a bit before sending it to you.


You texted him and he won’t reply. Yes, this is super frustrating, especially if you asked him a direct question, but chances are the more you insist that he messages you back, the less he’ll actually want to do it.

“Who’s that woman on your Instagram?”

You should avoid sending the person you’re dating any texts that make you seem like a stalker. Asking about some random woman you’ve seen posting comments on his social media profiles is basically telling him you’re clingy/jealous/possessive/all of the above. If it really worries you because you see their interactions all the time, talk to him about it instead of throwing him this text.

“I really like you.”

While it’s never a bad thing to say what you feel, it’s worth noting that telling someone you like or love them via text in the early stages of a relationship might be a little impersonal. Again, save this kind of emotional authenticity for when you’re together.

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