11 Things All Crazy Ex Girlfriends Do — Don’t Do This!

You should always be wary when a guy tells you all his ex girlfriends were crazy, right? Chances are he’s lying. That said, if you’re trying to steer clear of this cliche label, there are some important things you need to ensure you don’t do. Ever. If any of these behaviors feel a little too much like something you’d do, or you’ve done them before, be aware that you’re stepping into psycho ex territory here. Change your ways so that you don’t regret them later. Hey, don’t give your ex the satisfaction of calling you crazy to his new girlfriends. You’re so much better than that.

  1. Crazy ex girlfriends don’t let go. One of the most common crazy ex behaviors is not being able to let go of the relationship. She’ll go from screaming at her ex one minute to begging him to give her another chance the next, which is dizzying AF and just makes her seem, well, crazy. You should never let a relationship or guy get the better of you! Walk away with pride.
  2. They check up on their exes. Even though they’re no longer dating, a guy’s crazy ex will still check up on him. She might scroll through his social media timelines and sometimes she’ll even “like” one of his updates so that he knows she was there. Creepy! While she might think this will impress him because it’s flirty, it’s actually quite off-putting to him. He’ll think she’s a stage-five clinger.
  3. They keep their ex’s friends around. Crazy ex girlfriends will have wanted to add all the guy’s friends and family members to her social media profiles ASAP. But when the relationship ends, she won’t delete them. She’ll still keep them on her list and get in touch with them. It’s her way of being a part of her ex’s world even though they’re not dating anymore. Meanwhile, his friends could be trying to avoid her because she’s making them feel awkward.
  4. They try to get the guy’s attention. Another common behavior of a crazy ex girlfiriend is that she’ll try hard to get her ex’s attention. She might post thirsty Instagram posts when she knows he’s online or try to make him jealous by pitching up in his neighbourhood with a hot guy draped over her shoulders. It’s never worth it to try to make an ex jealous. The relationship’s over. He probably doesn’t even care who his ex is dating, so she’s putting in all that effort for nothing. What a waste.
  5. They hack into their ex’s private stuff. Snooping is no big deal for crazy ex girlfriends. They have no problems with hacking into email or Twitter accounts to check if there’s anything dodgy going on – and might even do this after the relationship has crashed and burned because they can’t let go of their power trip. Creepy. What’s the payoff?
  6. They drunk text their exes. Crazy ex girlfriends might still reach out after the relationship has ended, like when they’ve had too many tequilas on a night out. They’re not going to be like, “Hey, how are you doing?” but instead will want to shout and fight about what a loser or jerk the guy was during their relationship. Or, they might be crying and saying how much they miss him. Whatever the case, it’s clear they’re velcroed to the past.
  7. They stalk their ex’s new partner. If you want to avoid being labeled a crazy ex, make sure you don’t follow your ex’s new GF. You might think it’s not a problem to do this daily or even more regularly, which should be a red flag to you. You might even try to become friends with her to get closer to your ex. Eek. This is something straight out of psychological thriller fiction. Don’t go there! Unless you have to warn the woman that she’s entering a relationship with an abusive, dangerous guy, you should never get in touch with your ex’s new GF. It’s just not your place.
  8. They’re holding out for a relationship sequel. His crazy ex girlfriend isn’t going to move on from him in a hurry. She’s actually holding the fort, hoping he’ll return. But of course he won’t. She won’t date anyone new or even show a flicker of interest in anyone else because it’s her ex or nothing. What a waste of her time and energy. Meanwhile, he’s moved on and is dating up a storm.
  9. They try to get his sympathy. When their hot Instagram posts aren’t getting their exes to contact them again, crazy ex girlfriends won’t let that stop them. They might resort to playing the sympathy card, like by trying to appeal to their emotions. They might tell the guy that they need his help because they were mugged/their car broke down/they’re sick after a bout in the hospital. Just don’t do it! Do you really want him to feel sorry for you? It’s so manipulative. While you might think that if he runs to your aid he’s clearly not over you, that’s not the case.
  10. They freak out about him changing his number. A guy who is freaked out by his crazy ex might be so fed up by her antics that he decides to change his phone number. She’ll lose her temper, and maybe even tell him off on social media, like he should still be respectful of her. The truth is, she doesn’t respect any of his boundaries, which is a huge red flag that she’s a psycho. Ugh. Don’t go there. Just remember this woman when you’re tempted to try to control him. You don’t want to be her!
  11. They act like they’re still dating him. When out in public, crazy ex girlfriends will try to act like nothing’s changed. So, she’ll hang on her ex and act like they’re still madly in love. She’s hoping that he’ll just go with the flow and they’ll slip right back into a relationship. Guess what? He won’t and she’ll just look pathetic.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.