11 Things You Should Do Alone At Least Once

11 Things You Should Do Alone At Least Once ©iStock/stock_colors

Independence is about being comfortable with yourself, being self-sufficient, and enjoying your own company. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the company of others, just that being on your own isn’t a daunting experience. And while there are plenty of life experiences that are more fun with other people, there are quite a few things you should do alone at least once.

  1. Travel. One of the most amazingly rewarding and enriching things you can do is to see the world, and doing it on your own can add another level to the experience. Traveling can be hectic and stressful, but getting yourself through it alone will really impress you. You can handle it, I promise.
  2. Go to dinner. You don’t need company to enjoy a restaurant meal. Grab a book and a table for one and enjoy dining out solo. It can be awkward at first, but learning to love your own company is definitely worth it… Plus, you won’t judge yourself for having another glass of wine.
  3. Move to a new city. If you’ve never started fresh somewhere alone, you should for sure do this while you can. It not only forces you out of your comfort zone, but it gives you a chance to start fresh, with a clean slate around people who don’t know you and in a city you don’t know. You’ll also meet some new, amazing people to hang out with.
  4. Fix a tire. Every woman needs to know how to do this anyway, so you might as well learn now and practice it yourself. You never know when you might need this skill, so it’s better to learn it now just in case. Even if a flat doesn’t happen to you, it’ll mean you can chip in if there’s another driver in need.
  5. See a movie. Go see that rom-com or indie film that no one else wants to see! You can laugh and cry and never have to worry if anyone is judging you. Plus, the movie theater is one of the best places to be alone, since you don’t do much talking while the movie is on, anyway.
  6. Get your own place. Although it may not seem like it matters, living alone and feeling safe by yourself is important. You should know how to do basic household things: change a light bulb, unclog a garbage disposal, etc.
  7. Experiment sexually. We all masturbate, but it’s really important for women to truly discover what makes them orgasm. After all, you can’t direct your partners on how to make you feel good if you don’t know what to tell them. Experiment with pleasuring yourself.
  8. Go on a road trip. Driving across the country — or even just a few state lines — is an awesome way to see places and things you wouldn’t normally see. Although driving alone may freak you out, the independence  to do what you want is liberating.
  9. Drink at home. Drinking alone does not make you an alcoholic if it’s not something you do every night. Sometimes getting good and drunk by yourself helps you uncover things about yourself you never knew or tried to ignore. Or it’s just a nice accompaniment to binge watching on Netflix.
  10. Go for a drink in a bar. Go to a bar after work and get your happy hour on alone. You don’t need anyone else to go out and have a good time, so chat up the cute bartender or the other awesome ladies hanging out solo down the bar.
  11. Make a major purchase. Go buy a new car or a house all by yourself! Being responsible for something major like that will remind you how awesome and capable you are. You don’t need anyone’s help to buy what you want and to pay it off.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314