11 Things Every Single Girl Needs In Her Kitchen

You’re a grown woman who knows how to take care of herself in every way, and that includes putting food on your table every night. While you’re not averse to ordering in a pizza every once in a while, you also pride yourself on knowing your way around the kitchen. To take your culinary domination to the next level, make sure you have these things on hand.

Ninja Food Chopper Express – $19.99

Real talk, I hate chopping onions because I can never seem to get the pieces small enough when I do it by hand (at least not in a way that’s not super time-consuming), so my Ninja chopper has been a godsend. I’ve done everything from the aforementioned onions to cauliflower rice in this thing and then some and it’s never let me down. Trust me, you want this in your life.

Norpro Egg Perfect Timer – $6.15

This is another one of my favorite kitchen accessories and one that I use often because hard-boiled eggs are delicious. Sure, you could just Google how long it takes to hard-boil an egg and set a timer on your phone, but drop this into the pan with your eggs (and some baking soda if you want them to peel easier) and it does the work for you.

Paudin Pro-Kitchen Chef’s Knife – $25

You don’t have to have some $500 knife set in your kitchen to do good cooking and food prep, but having one really solid chef’s knife will come in handy. They don’t get dull as quickly as the cheap ones and if you take care of them well, they’ll last for years, so they’re a good investment all around.

Two-pack vegetable steamer basket – $14.99

I try to eat well most of the time and that includes getting as many veggies into my life as possible. While roasting remains superior, sometimes I just want some quick and easy steamed veggies (or I might want to slightly soften a particularly slow to cook veggie before finishing it another way) so these baskets are a godsend. Pop some water in the bottom of a sauce pan, set the basket in, put in your veggies, pop on the lid, and you’re off.

Mueller Austria Electric Kettle – $19.97

I didn’t even realize electric kettles were a thing until I temporarily moved to the UK and they were basically the norm in every household (all that tea drinking and such). Yeah, you can get a cutesy kettle to put on your stove top and do it the old fashioned way, but an electric kettle is SO much quicker and easier and now I can’t live without it. I tend to boil water in it if I need boiling water for the stove because it saves time/gets stuff going more quickly. Just a hint!

GDEALER Waterproof Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer – $14.99

What did I do about making sure my meat was cooked to perfection before I got this thing? I think I probably cut into it while it was cooking (TERRIBLE CHOICE) and just kept doing it until I was satisfied? Anyway, I don’t have to do that now that I have a digital meat thermometer. Literally one of the gadgets I use most in my kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener – $29.85

Look, I know you can get a manual can opener for cheaper, but I feel like they never work as well as electric ones and they take too much time. Maybe I’m just lazy or I lack upper body strength, but this is a must-have in my kitchen.

Big Red House Oven Mitts – $13.99

Before I invested in some decent oven mitts, I used to just fold up a kitchen towel to get stuff out of the oven and I’ve burned myself many a time with that genius plan. These feel super soft and cottony so they’re not rigid like the full-on silicone ones are, but they also have the same protection as silicone so you’re not likely to burn yourself through them.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set – $15.79

One of my biggest bugaboos about measuring spoon sets are when they’re on those rings that open so you can take one off because they inevitably always fall off constantly and just get on my nerves. That’s why these individual spoons that attach to each other magnetically are SO MUCH BETTER. Do I even need to explain further?

LovKitchen Stainless Steel Garlic Press – $9.99

Minced garlic is fine, but if you don’t want little chunks of garlic in your recipes or you need it crushed, you need one of these puppies. Not only will it save your hands from smelling like you could scare away 1,000 vampires, it’ll make the tedious job of mincing disappear. SWEET.

Manual Citrus Juicer – $13.99

If you use lemons or limes in your recipes (and let’s be real, that zingy flavor is featured in a LOT of them), you need a juicer. It’s not exactly the hardest job in the world to juice a lemon or a lime, but this ensures you get every last bit of juice out and no seeds, so it’s a win-win.

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