11 Things A Good Boyfriend Will Give You Without You Having To Ask

11 Things A Good Boyfriend Will Give You Without You Having To Ask ©iStock/PeopleImages

Beyond the obvious signs, how can you tell you’ve found an amazing boyfriend? It’s simple: he’ll give you these things freely (and without you having to ask):

  1. Glowing compliments A good boyfriend adores you – as he should – and won’t hesitate to tell you all the reasons why. You don’t need to fish for compliments, or ever wonder if he’s still into you, because he’ll remind you all the time. He’ll tell you when you look beautiful, when you’re being hilarious, when you do something brilliant, when you impress him with your inner and outer strength and when you make him happy.
  2. Physical affection A good boyfriend will shower you with hugs, grab your hand when you’re walking somewhere, kiss your forehead and regularly snuggle the hell out of you. Sure, every couple is different and affection isn’t always freely given, but if it’s what you need to feel loved, then a good boyfriend will give that to you.
  3. Support whenever you need it A good boyfriend has your back – always. He doesn’t stand for anyone disrespecting you, he trusts you implicitly and knows how capable you are of ruling the world one day.
  4. Space when you need it If you’re the kind of person who needs space when you’re stressed about work or some time after a fight to cool down, then a good boyfriend will give you that. He will understand your communication needs and meet them without being asked to do so.
  5. Trust and security You don’t have to wonder what he’s up to or if everything’s okay between you 24/7 because you just know it is. He never gives you a reason to worry about anything because he wants you to feel as certain as he does about your relationship.
  6. Time with the girls A good boyfriend understands how important friendships and independence are, and will always be cool when you need a girls’ night. There will be zero jealousy or passive aggressive comments about you going out without him. He’ll just get it.
  7. Oral sex Any boyfriend will give you sex without being asked, but a GOOD boyfriend will go down on you without being asked. There are some guys who enjoy doing it, and others who understand that oral sex is a selfless gift to give, and that it’s an awesome experience to see your partner orgasm from your own oral skills. It’s actually a really reliable test to see if you have a good boyfriend or a garbage boyfriend, because anyone who refuses to do it or thinks it’s “gross” isn’t worth another second of your time.
  8. Forgiveness A good boyfriend won’t latch onto previous comments or arguments and hold them against you later. A good boyfriend understands how to forgive and forget, and he also wants your relationship to remain as strong as possible.
  9. Coffee in the morning A good boyfriend understands your need for a morning jolt, and will be cool with the fact that you refuse to speak to anyone until your first sip of coffee. He’ll be okay with it, he’ll bring you coffee when you need it most, and he’ll also find that particular quirk adorable.
  10. Protection Not that you even need it, but a good boyfriend will be more than willing to protect you should a sketchy situation arise. He’ll also demonstrate this protection in little, everyday ways, like moving you to the inside of the sidewalk when you’re walking on a busy street, blocking you from the car side.
  11. Takeout This is probably the most important one of all. Forever isn’t even on the table until you can throw on your sweats with someone, and binge-watch a show on Netflix while inhaling takeout. A good boyfriend will just know when you need a night like that, and he’ll come home with a smile on his face and holding bags of greasy, delicious food.
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