11 Things That Good Kissers Do

No one wants to be a bad kisser, but given the wide variety of techniques and styles, there’s no one right way to do it. People who are great at locking lips may all have different approaches to making out, but they probably all have these things in common. How many of these qualities do you possess?

  1. They don’t follow the rules. Kissing is not an exact science. There’s no magical recipe for giving the perfect kiss. People who do it well know that there’s no one way to be successful. Instead, they just let go and enjoy the moment because they know rules are for breaking.
  2. They make the necessary preparations. Sometimes you might want to rush it and get to the kiss straight away, but that’s a terrible mistake. If you want to make it a wonderful moment for both you and your partner, you have to prepare for the kiss. Good kissers know how to build the tension little by little. They might touch your hair, bite their lips, or look at you intensely—everything to make sure you’re desperate for their mouth on yours.
  3. They’re not in competition with their partner. You’re on a date with someone and everything is going just fine. You both know how this is going to end and as the fateful moment approaches, you feel your level of stress increasing. You don’t want to mess up something as important as your first kiss, right? Good kissers know this isn’t a competition and that if their connection with someone is real, the first kiss won’t be the last. They understand that the most important thing is to feel connected with their partner.
  4. They pay attention to their partner’s feelings and sensations. A kiss involves two people, not just the person who initiated the kiss. You’re both active participants in the process. A kiss is an exchange, which means that you need to pay attention to your partner’s feelings and desires. Good kissers know how to find a balance. For instance, if they feel like their partner is gentler, they might up the passion themselves. They also know that the longer a kiss goes on, the more it can change. They don’t get rigid and stuck in routine; they go with the flow.
  5. They’re patient. Kissing is not a race to the finish line—each step is important. Preparing for your kiss is as important as the kiss itself. Part of that preparation is taking your time and being patient. Being patient will not only make the experience more pleasurable but it will also make you and your partner way more relaxed through the whole thing. Good kissers know that rushing the process will ruin it. They’re happy to go slow because they know amazing kisses take time.
  6. They’re willing to step out of their comfort zone. Don’t be scared to make mistakes. You can’t know in advance what your partner is going to like and it’s only by experimenting that you can improve and learn more about them. Good kissers aren’t afraid to try new things. They know they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being creative and adventurous.
  7. They open their mouth. I know you might fear drooling all over the place if your mouth is wide open but trust me, you’ll be fine. To give a good kiss, you need to open your mouth. While you definitely don’t want to devour your partner’s face whole, you don’t want to remain tight-lipped. Good kissers know that opening their mouth is the way to let their partner in (in more ways than one).
  8. They have impeccable oral hygiene. You can’t have an open mouth if you don’t have good oral hygiene. That means brushing your teeth—no one wants to taste the remnants of your lunch when kissing you. Plus, if you’re planning on passionately kissing your partner at the end of the night after a romantic dinner, pick a dish on the menu very wisely—no garlicky meal or cheese board. As delicious as these things are, sometimes you have to make a decision between food and a great kiss. Good kissers would never dream of coming at you after scarfing a tuna sandwich.
  9. They’re all-in. It seems kind of obvious but it’s still very important to remember. You have to commit to it! A kiss is not just mouth against mouth. The sensations you get from it run through your whole body, hence your whole body has to be involved in the process. Good kissers use their hands, move their bodies towards you, and embrace the experience as a whole. That’s how it should be.
  10. They don’t follow a single technique. As I mentioned earlier, there is no magic recipe for being a good kisser, so don’t try to look like a pro when you’re kissing. Technique is subjective and is far from being the core of the process. You might end up acting like a machine if you give too much importance to your technique. Good kissers don’t try to show off, they try to adapt and learn their partner.
  11. They know how to communicate. In any situation, communication is always very important. The same works here. Don’t be ashamed to share your impressions with your partner of what you liked and what you didn’t like that much. Always be very honest, and don’t hesitate to compliment your partner. Confidence will always help you improve. Good kissers know this—are you one?