11 Things Guys Can Do To Win The Heart Of An Independent Woman

An independent woman is someone who’s strong, feisty, result-driven, and has a mind of her own, and she needs a guy who can keep up with her. If you want a chance with such an amazing female, you’ll have to do more than the usual to win her over. Here are a few hints:

  1. Take the lead. The fiercely independent woman is naturally domineering when it comes to making decisions. However, that doesn’t mean you should let her run you over. Know when it’s time for you to take the lead and show her how you take control of simple to complicated situations. Surprise and delight her with plans she never expected. She’ll be glad she doesn’t have to do all the thinking for once.
  2. Practice patience. She has the tendency to be tough and aggressive. She’s used to being the boss of her own life, so when something happens that isn’t within her control, she’ll explode. Show your understanding and supportive side by dealing with her in a patient way. Once she’s calmed down, she’ll sure appreciate you for being there with her.
  3. Accept challenges and win them. It may not have come out of her mouth, but she has high expectations when it comes to you. Since she strives for greatness, she expects you excel at what you do, as well. With this said, show her how outstanding your performance is at work or how good you are at a hobby. You’ll be a winner in her heart if you win at almost everything.
  4. Support her. More often than not, career will be an independent woman’s priority. You’ll do well by being supportive of her when it comes to her craft and by being there for her when she needs a little push.
  5. Include her in decision-making. Never, under any circumstance, make decisions for an independent woman, especially if the situation at hand it complicated and life-changing. Make her feel that you’re a strong team that works together in everything. Ask for her ideas and make her feel that you value what she has to say. This way, you can avoid arguments. Acknowledge her independent spirit while being a dependable partner at the same time.
  6. Be just as independent as she is. She wouldn’t want someone who depends on her and asks her approval for everything. Pursue your own path and achieve your personal goals. Let her see that you have your own life, independent of your relationship with her.
  7. Teach her something she doesn’t know. She believes that learning is a continuous process, so if you have a skill that you think she’ll find amusing and interesting, teach her. It’s a great way to bond with her while making her realize that you’re a good boyfriend who’s really worth spending her valuable time on.
  8. Be responsible. Aside from taking care of your relationship, don’t ever neglect yourself and your responsibilities as a man. Work on being a better version of yourself each day. She’ll notice it and she’ll look to you with awe and respect.
  9. Embrace spontaneity and adventure. Remember, she’s accomplished everything on her own. While ordinary things may still appeal to her, make her fall head over heels by letting her taste your own brand of extraordinary. Skip the usual date night on a restaurant — take her on an adventure instead.
  10. Get your act together. You’re a grown man and not a baby. Make sure you’ve got your life figured out. Know what is it that you’re passionate about and work to make your dreams a reality.
  11. Be the master inside the bedroom. The independent woman is naturally dominant, but when it comes to the bedroom, show her who the boss is. When she sees that, you have all of her.
Maine Belonio is a twenty-something mom and writer who has a penchant for coffee, long distance running, Tolkien, Switchfoot, and Jesus. Find her broken, honest, and brave musings at mainebelonio.com.