11 Things Guys Pay Attention To That Women Don’t

We tend to think that men are unobservant and never really pay attention to anything, but that’s not true. It’s not just all about appearances with the guy folks. There are a number of attributes that men pay attention to that women would hardly give a second thought.

  1. The way you eat You might think that getting a salad or only eating bread on the first date is going to win you points for being economical or that what you eat doesn’t matter. But men tend to notice things like that, and weirdly enough, they usually find women with bigger appetites hotter.
  2. The color you can’t stop repeating I didn’t even realize I had a thing for yellow and all its variations until this dude I was seeing pointed it out. Up until then if you had asked me, I’d have said the color I wore the most was black.
  3. Mood boards Men pay a lot of attention to your moods, how happy you are generally, and how frequently you’re bogged down with sadness or some other nasty mood. Some do it for selfish reasons so they know when to save themselves the stress of having to deal with you at certain times. My guy is much better at telling how I’m feeling than me even though I’m the one experiencing the emotions.
  4. What you like to drink Men definitely notice how you drink, what you drink, and when you like to drink it. Many of them pay attention to this so they can easily order for you when you go out. Others do it because it gives them a healthy guess on how you’re feeling. For example, white wine makes me mad horny, I’d rather drink cocktails at a party, Irish whiskey is my comfort drink, and red wine will do for everything else.
  5. Nail polish and care Other than when they have a really attractive color or design on, I never really pay attention to other people’s nails. Men, however, do. It seems like a small and trivial thing to care about, but they actually keep an eye out for it, so keeping your nails attractive and colorful is great way to grab his attention.
  6. How athletic and adventurous you are Most guys want to be with someone they can do fun, physical things with. They will often suggest activities to test your capabilities and see how far out of your comfort zone you’re willing to go to please them. They don’t expect you to enjoy everything they do, but they want to see genuine effort.
  7. How you handle money Men want to know that you’re able to look after yourself financially and are not solely relying on them to provide for you. They want you to show that you can be trusted with money because your spending habits are responsible. They also pay attention to how easily you reach for your card to pay when you’re out together.
  8. Musical taste How frequently do you listen to music? What kind of songs do you like? Do you sing along to music? Men pay attention to this because it helps them discern the kind of person you are. Obviously, if you have similar tastes, it can create a strong bonding experience. If you don’t, they might try to convert you and build or deepen chemistry around that.
  9. Changes in the body Yes, this can be rooted in vanity and superficiality, but it’s not always the case. Men pay attention to the bodies of their significant others so they can memorize them. They’re usually able to spot any changes even before the person the body belongs to. Whether it’s a small or big change, most men notice it on time, though they might not always draw attention to it.
  10. The language your body speaks They don’t always get it right, but more often than not, men can read body language correctly because they pay attention non-verbal modes of communication. It’s a tactic they’ve developed to help them provide the right responses to a given situation.  My boyfriend is usually able to tell that something is up by the way I respond to his touch even when I’m not consciously doing anything.
  11. What you like, want, or need All my male friends keep complaining that the women in their lives are always getting them the wrong things or terrible gifts. This is because women tend to think men appreciate the same things that they do, so they show love based on that instead of what the men actually want. Men, however, pay attention so they can cut down the risk of messing things up.
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