11 Things That Are More Important Than Romance In A Relationship

11 Things That Are More Important Than Romance In A Relationship ©iStock/wundervisuals

Disney movies and rom-coms have made us believe we need over-the-top romantic gestures in our lives. Flowers, chocolates, and candlelit dinners or bust, right? Wrong. Romance is overrated, and most men just aren’t wired for it. While it’s sweet when they manage a romantic moment, we shouldn’t be obsessed with it or start doubting the relationship when romance is absent from it. After all, there are so many things that are way more important for couples that want to go the distance. If your man is giving you these 11 things, maybe don’t give him a hard time if he forgets an anniversary every now and then:

  1. Honesty. Above all else, you should want him to be honest. Honesty about his feelings and intentions can go a long way in a relationship, and romance without honesty is a recipe for a breakup.
  2. Support. Nothing is more romantic than a man who supports his lady. Maybe his support doesn’t come with a dozen roses, but having your guy show up for you is about as romantic as it gets.
  3. Trust. If you trust one another, the extra stuff is just that — extra. When you can totally trust someone to be there for you, do right by you, and support you, do you really need chocolate or giant teddy bears? I’d rather have someone I know I can rely on.
  4. Loyalty. His loyalty to you is totally romantic, when you think about it. If he’s loyal to you, it means you’re one of the most important people in his life and that he’s got your back 24/7. That just screams romance to me.
  5. Partnership. A man that’s willing to be your partner is a man who has offered to give up parts of himself to be by your side. Relationships shouldn’t be about one person or the other, and his effort to be your equal is amazing.
  6. Friendship. When a man can give you his friendship and his love, you’re a lucky girl. When you’re actually friends with your man, your relationship is s much stronger and can withstand whatever life throws at you. If that isn’t romance, I don’t know what is.
  7. Effort. I don’t care what anyone says — a man that makes an effort is a romantic at heart. It’s a nontraditional interpretation of romance, but I’ll take a guy that tries — whether it’s to cook dinner one night, to make it to your work party, or even just not wearing the same sweatshirt three times this week — over a pair of earrings any day.
  8. Communication. Your relationship wont last if you don’t communicate. His attempts at romance will mean nothing in the long run if he can’t talk to you or tell you what’s on his mind. Keep that in mind next time you demand some spark.
  9. CompromiseMen aren’t awesome at compromise in general, so if he’s willing to make compromises, he must really care about you. You should be appreciative of this regardless of whether it comes with candlelight or not.
  10. Fun. A man who wants to have fun with you and tries to make your time together enjoyable is a keeper. Even though he may not be the flower-buying type (and honestly ladies, flowers die in, like, three days) he cares enough to make sure you’re happy. Isn’t that what matters?
  11. Protection. I’m not just talking kick-some-other-guys-ass kind of protection, but I mean a guy who’s willing to protect the feelings you have for him, the personal things you’ve shared with him, and keeps himself in check to make sure none of his crap will come back on you. A guy that cares enough to do those things doesn’t need to prove his love with romantic gestures — he does it in actions.
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