11 Things I Want In A Relationship That I’m Embarrassed To Admit

I’ve always considered myself to be super independent, mature, and realistic — especially when it comes to love. That’s why, since I’ve fallen for the amazing guy I’m now lucky enough to call my boyfriend, I feel pretty embarrassed about the fact that I’d turned into a total softy who not only wants romance, but these things too:

  1. I want him to be my best friend. I want to know that my partner is not only my lover, but my best friend, too. The romantic and physical relationship isn’t the only important one to me. I want a healthy, stable and connected friendship with someone I can truly rely on to be my friend. That’s not to say I’ll abandon my old friends, just that I want him to be my closest one. Is that so wrong?
  2. I want to celebrate anniversaries in the most romantic way. I don’t mean going to expensive restaurants and luxurious getaways (although they are nice) — it can be dinner and a rented movie on demand with homemade popcorn on the stove. Whatever we do, I want to do it because we like doing it and it’s special to us even if it’s not to someone else. That’s romantic to me.
  3. I want to wear matching outfits. Hear me out — I’m not so crazy that I want over-the-top identical matching couple outfits, just clothes and styles that complement each other very well — colors that go together, themes that make sense and outfits appropriate for every weather. I want to walk down the street with my guy like we just got back from a catalogue photo-shoot.
  4. I want to display my affection in public. I don’t care who’s watching — I’ll suck face with my significant other as long as it’s not entirely inappropriate to do so. I want to hold hands, put on each other’s coats, and help carry each other’s belongings. I want to be a kick-ass team and I want everyone to know it. PDA doesn’t bother me, so I really don’t care if it bothers anyone else.
  5. I want to be close with his family. I don’t just care about my family liking him; I want his family to like me and treat me like family, too. I want to walk into his house as if it were my own and feel comfortable eating out of his fridge. I want to call them, invite them places, and be close with them like they were my own. That will make me happy than most other things.
  6. I want to be each other’s everything. I want to lean on each other and have a difficult time being without each other for too long. No matter what our hobbies and ambitions are, I want to be each other’s favorite — the thing and person we look most forward to seeing after a long day and the only person we want to see when we wake up, morning breath and all.
  7. I want to have weird traditions. Watching movies, going odd places, or celebrating the most random memories is something I crave in my relationship. I want to be unique and do things that no on else would does because it’s so “us.” It creates a bond that’s different and special — something to admire and laugh about when we think of all the times we’ve had.
  8. I want to give each other meaningful spontaneous gifts. This sounds a little materialistic, but I don’t mean it to be greedy. It can be something so little and cheap but means a lot to both of us, like things that made us think of one another or something in the store that may be pricey but worth it when purchased. I want to constantly think of each other and want to do things that make us happier.
  9. I want to write down what’s bothering us. It may sound crazy and a little obsessive, but I think it helps to write down things that bother us. That way, they don’t go unnoticed, forgotten, or built up over time. We handle it when necessary and move on. I want to keep it organized and efficient so we can make improvements for the future.
  10. I want to constantly remind each other why we love one another. No matter what it takes, I want it to be our goal to show love and affection in every way we can, whether it involves complimenting one another, taking each other new places or just saying things like, “This made me think of you.” I want it to be something we do for one another because we care.
  11. I want to do everything and nothing with him. Whether we’re exploring Machu Picchu or eating pizza on the kitchen floor, I want to do it with him. I want to do the most intense and the most relaxing activities and everything in-between. Because when you’re in love, it really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re together. I’m definitely not afraid to admit that.
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